What Does A Sash Window Installation Involve?

Sash window

What does a sash window installation involve?

The process of ordering a new sash window from Ventrolla is simple: a surveyor will visit your site and give you a detailed itemised no-obligation quote for the work involved. Once the quote has been accepted, production begins in the Ventrolla workshop. Expert craftsmen create each sash style window bespoke to your design using traditional handcrafting skills. Once the completed unit is ready, installation can begin.

But what does installation involve?

Our expert installers will remove existing windows and fit the new units on site with the utmost professionalism. As the sash style window units have been made to measure, they will fit to millimetre-exact precision.

Is it a messy process?

The process is quick and done with minimal disruption to your home. Our installers will take away the waste materials and leave the worksite tidy and clean.

How long does a typical installation take?

Typical installations take just one day.

How Are The Windows Finished?

Window frames are installed with a high-build base coat and anti-stain primer, ready for your own final finishing coat.
If you’d like a quote for a new sash style window or just more information about the installation process please contact us.