The health benefits of wooden double-glazed sash windows

It’s plain to see the many benefits that wooden double-glazed sash windows will afford your home: that classic look, the easy operability and maintenance and the improved thermal and noise insulation. Restoring or replacing sash windows can really enhance your home and add thousands to its sale price.

But it’s not just the house that benefits from the latest in window technology. Having efficient windows can also prove beneficial for your health. As we step into winter, you may already be becoming aware of the inevitable draughts, leaks and damp that old windows can allow into a house. The latest research suggests that modern window technology can bring a huge benefit to your health – in more ways than one.

Improved noise insulation

An article in the Telegraph from 2019 links noise insulating windows with good health. Exposure to noise can lead to stress, concentration problems, lack of sleep and more serious issues like hearing loss and cardiovascular disease.

A high quality insulated and double-glazed sash window will minimise the noise from outside, help you sleep well and keep you healthy.

Improved draught insulation

The Simply Healthy Sleep website links draughty windows to problems like colds, sore muscles, headaches and sore throats. Old sash windows are notorious for allowing draughts into the home and could compromise your health. A new or restored sash window will eliminate draughts completely and make your home warm and comfortable

Reduce damp

The NHS website suggests that damp and mould lead to respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. Anyone could be affected by these dangers, but especially older people, babies, and those with a pre-existing condition. You can virtually eliminate damp and mould in your home – even a period home – by adding high quality double glazed windows. Ventrolla sash window units stop moisture from entering the building and keep the inside warm and dry.

If you’re feeling the cold and would like some details about how wooden double-glazed windows could improve your life, please get in touch with our team.