How To Maintain Your Timber Sash Windows

Prized in many period properties, sash windows are a key part of the architectural heritage of a building. They may have been designed and crafted to stand the test of time, but it’s worth investing a little effort into caring for your Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian sash windows, so they look great and function well for longer. 

Experts in timber windows, Ventrolla have put together tips on how to maintain your original or replacement sash windows. Many of these jobs can be done yourself, but if you need an expert, their skilled craftsmen are on hand to help.

Clean Your Sash Windows

Wiping over frames is as important as cleaning the glazing. Preventing dust from getting stuck in the nooks and crannies will help sash windows to slide smoothly. You can vacuum the area between the window’s interior and exterior, too. And of course, cleaning the glass – inside and out – will maximise the light that floods into your room. Use soapy water and a sponge, and dry them thoroughly with a lint‐free cloth to prevent streaks.

bay sash window
sash window with shutters

Paint The Frames

Keeping on top of the painting is arguably the best way to protect the wood underneath. It’s important to make sure all surfaces are primed and painted, otherwise moisture can get to the timber, and cause it to swell or rot. Before you paint, prepare the surface. Clean the frame then sand it down to leave a smooth surface, finally use a dry paintbrush to clear away any dust. Removing hardware is easier than trying to paint neatly around it, and masking windows saves you the job of scraping paint off glass later.

Check They’re Operating Smoothly

Messy painting can be a cause of windows that stick, but it’s also wise to oil pulleys and apply beeswax to the edges of the sashes to help them glide more smoothly. Check your sash cords too. Over time, they’ll wear out and snap, so will need replacing. Even if just one cord has worn through, it’s recommended that you replace all four together. This is a fairly straight forward job, but you can call on professional help if you don’t want to attempt it yourself.

sash window with shutters

Look Out For Rotten Timber

It’s also important to check your windows for rot, before it escalates and becomes a major problem. Feel along the frame – soft or crumbly wood is probably rotten. This can look unsightly, weaken your windows and cause draughts and rattles. Restoration and repair experts, like Ventrolla, can take care of rotten timber in units, frames or sills, splice in new timber, fill in cavities and upgrade seals. The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) is fitted as standard when they repair or manufacture replacement windows, and will prevent draughts as well as stopping rattles, reducing noise from outside and keeping warm air in.

before sash window repair
after sash window repair

If you have wooden sash windows that have seen better days, make an enquiry and we’ll be in touch to see how we can help you to breathe new life into them