Casement Window Renovation: No More Ladybirds!

Mr & Mrs Plant from Newmarket initially planned to replace the casement windows of their Grade II listed cottage, the timber was rotting and heat-loss had become a problem. However, the planning authority came up with an even better solution.

cottage with sash windows

The local council recommended they contact Ventrolla to discuss alternative ways to make their windows more efficient and save them money on their energy bills.

Mrs Plant said: “As soon as we’d spoken to Ventrolla, we knew we had the right solution for our home. We were fortunate that we didn’t notice obvious draughts, but we could feel the cold air around the edges and there were some repairs that needed attention too. Before the window renovations, we also found we had lots of ladybirds coming in through the gaps – a sign that our windows weren’t as efficient as they could be.”

green sash window
thin green sash windows

Ventrolla’s draught-proofing system not only eliminates draughts but has the added benefits of banishing rattles, stopping water and dust ingress, helping to reduce outside noise penetrating your home and of course keeping the warm air in and the cold air out ‐ reducing your energy bills.

cottage with green sash windows

Mrs Plant added:

“Most of our windows were refurbished and upgraded with Ventrolla’s draught‐proofing system but one window needing replacing altogether. I was a little nervous of the extra disturbance this building work may cause, leading to plaster damage that would need repair and redecoration. The team worked carefully to minimise this, and I was delighted that all was required was a little touching up of the paintwork around the window. And the replacement window matched all the existing windows perfectly – they really did do an excellent job.”

And since the work has been completed, Mr & Mrs Plant haven’t spotted a single ladybird! 

Regularly finding Ladybirds on an around your windows is a sign that there are inviting gaps and holes where Ladybirds can hibernate over winter. With draught-proofing and repair, you can minimise insect access, whilst you benefit from the additional warmth and ability to ventilate your home.

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