60 sash windows repaired at Leeds City Council Building by ventrolla

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The successful renovation of 60 sash windows at Thoresby House, a Leeds city council building, was completed by Ventrolla.

Ventrolla are the sash window renovation specialists and they were called in to rectify some problems with the cords of windows that stand over 6 feet tall.

The office block, which now houses the building planning department of the council, was originally built in 1890 and used as a Victorian school. The office block itself consists of over 5 floors.

The windows of Thoresby House as well as the building itself, was refurbished in 2003, however, this work did not fix the problems that existed with the windows and they were unbalanced. Due to the size of the windows, Leeds City Council Building Surveyor Frank Rounding, said:

“The windows were extremely troublesome, not to mention the high costs associated with needing to replace the damaged cords each year.”

Ventrolla, being specialists in this field, were able to solve the problem, and everyone involved in the project were very happy with the work that Ventrolla conducted. The professionalism of the company made a distinctive impression.

After surveying the area, Ventrolla were very concerned that the renovations would involve health and safety issues, not only due to the size of the windows, but also their location high above a pedestrian footpath.

Ventrolla needed to take extra measures to ensure the safety of the installers and also the pedestrians on the footpath below.

A schedule needed to also be maintained, due to the fact that the offices would continue normal operations whilst the work was being conducted. There needed to be minimal disruptions to daily operation of the offices.

The historical landmark building has now been improved and effective systems for future maintenance have also been put in place.

Ventrolla, with their national headquarters in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, provides a bespoke renovation service, concerning themselves with sliding timber sash windows and casement windows. They offer a unique Perimeter Sealing System that can improve energy efficiency and window performance.

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