Ventrolla restores 6-foot-tall sash windows in 5-star bed & breakfast

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Ventrolla are the sash window renovation specialists, and they were called in to rectify some problems with the cords of windows that stand over 6 feet tall.

Ventrolla was instructed to restore the windows at the five-star bed and breakfast accommodation on Tosson Tower Farm in Rothbury, Northumberland.

Unveiling Tranquillity – Ventrolla’s Restoration at Tosson Tower Farm, Rothbury

Tosson Tower Farm, nestled in the serene landscapes of Rothbury, Northumberland, stands as a beacon of tranquillity. When Ventrolla was entrusted with the restoration of the windows at the five-star bed and breakfast accommodation, a tale unfolded—a story of struggling sash windows, layers of history concealed by paint, and a commitment to breathe new life into this historical haven.

The Challenges Unveiled

Windows Frozen in Time

The couple managing Tosson Tower Farm’s bed and breakfast accommodation faced a challenge that echoed through the guest bedrooms—a struggle to open windows frozen in time. Layers of paint, accumulated over the years, had turned the elegant sash windows into immovable fixtures, diminishing the comfort and charm of the guest experience.

The couple struggled to open the windows in the guest bedrooms as many of the sash windows had been stuck shut with layers of paint. John said:

“The timber in many of the windows had begun to rot and so we began to look into options for either replacing or renovating them. As the building is Grade II listed we had to get in touch with the council and they recommended Ventrolla”

“Personally I don’t think timber windows are made to the quality they used to be and so I was in favour of renovating the existing windows where possible. I think the restored timber will still have a lot more years in it than replacements.”

The Restoration Symphony

Initial Assessment and Heritage Exploration

Ventrolla’s restoration journey began with a careful assessment of each window, seeking to understand the unique heritage of Tosson Tower Farm. Heritage exploration unveiled the layers of history hidden beneath the paint, guiding the restoration team in their endeavour to preserve the essence of this historical retreat.

Delicate Paint Removal and Wood Restoration

The restoration process involved delicate paint removal, and uncovering the wooden frames that bore the scars of time. Skilled craftsmen meticulously stripped away layers of paint, revealing the intricate details of the sash windows. Wood restoration followed, addressing decay and damage, and breathing vitality back into the frames.

Draughtproofing Solutions for Modern Comfort

While honouring historical authenticity, Ventrolla integrated discreet draughtproofing solutions. Weatherstripping and seals were carefully applied to ensure the sash windows not only retained their charm but also contributed to modern energy efficiency, creating a comfortable haven for guests.

Navigating the Hospitality Landscape

Minimizing Disruption for Guests

Understanding the importance of maintaining the guest experience, Ventrolla strategically scheduled restoration activities to minimise disruption. The delicate dance of restoration unfolded seamlessly, ensuring that guests continued to enjoy the tranquillity of Tosson Tower Farm amidst the ongoing transformation.

Collaboration with Innkeepers

Close collaboration with the innkeepers was paramount. Regular updates, transparent communication, and a shared vision for preserving the historical charm ensured a harmonious partnership throughout the restoration process.

Results and Impact

Windows Unveiled, Tranquillity Restored

The restoration of Tosson Tower Farm’s sash windows brought forth transformative results:

  • Preservation of Heritage Elegance: The delicate removal of layers of paint revealed the inherent elegance of the sash windows, restoring Tosson Tower Farm to its historical grandeur. The windows, once stuck in time, became portals to the past, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the charm of Northumberland.
  • Enhanced Guest Comfort: The integration of draughtproofing solutions not only preserved the historical authenticity but also contributed to enhanced energy efficiency. Guest bedrooms became sanctuaries of comfort, with the restored sash windows allowing gentle breezes to complement the panoramic views of Rothbury’s landscapes.
  • Positive Guest Experience: The restoration of the windows at Tosson Tower Farm elevated the overall guest experience. Visitors, once contending with stubborn windows, now revelled in the seamless harmony of historical charm and modern comfort.

“Having the windows renovated has made such a difference. We can now open all the top and bottom windows in the guest bedrooms. My wife, Ann has noticed such a difference as she can fully open the windows as she cleans the rooms and they get plenty of fresh air between guest bookings.”

The unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System is applied to the gaps in sash windows which allows for smoother movement, eradicates draughts, reduces rattles and can help reduce noise. The farmhouse is a traditional Northumbrian sandstone house built around 1800, so there was a need for some windows to be replaced. The local conservation officer worked closely with Ventrolla to ensure the designs of the new windows were in keeping with the look of the original ones.


Ventrolla’s restoration at Tosson Tower Farm in Rothbury encapsulates the essence of heritage preservation within the hospitality landscape. This unique case study unfolds as a testament to the delicate artistry required to revive historical elements while nurturing contemporary comfort. Tosson Tower Farm, with its restored sash windows, not only stands as a beacon of Northumberland’s rich history but also beckons guests to partake in an enchanting journey through time and tranquillity.


The Foggins run the farmhouse bed and breakfast alongside the working farm and self-catering holiday cottages. They have a flock of 800 ewes that roam 340 acres of beautiful farmland in the hamlet of Great Tosson with a spectacular view of the Cheviot Hills.

Ventrolla offers a bespoke renovation service for timber sliding sash and casement windows as well as timber doors. The company’s central office is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with regional Ventrolla offices located throughout the UK.

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