Royal Yacht Club has sash windows restored and draught-proofed by Ventrolla

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Members of the Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club are now able to enjoy the beautiful views over the Belfast lough in draught-free comfort, thanks to Ventrolla.

As part of a £300,000 renovation project in the 120-year-old building in County Down, the sash window renovation experts tackled three of the dining room windows which had fallen into disrepair, allowing cold winds to sweep into the clubhouse.

The windows were overhauled and rotten sections replaced with new timber. Ventrolla’s Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) was then installed to draught proof the windows as well as reduce external noise.

As an added benefit of the system, the windows’ energy performance was also upgraded to maintain the warmth of the room, which can help reduce heating bills.


Terry Smyth, Project Manager for the refurbishment, said:

I recommended Ventrolla after I had seen the work they had done on Parliament Buildings in Belfast. I was impressed with the results and knew their expertise would deliver a solution.” 

“As we are constantly exposed to the elements on the southern shore of Belfast Lough, we experience a lot of wind-driven rain pounding against our windows. Ventrolla’s work will help to protect the clubhouse against this weather whilst providing our members with a quieter and more ambient environment.”

The Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club, which has around 1,000 members, enjoys an attractive seafront location with a view looking out over the swinging moorings to the Co. Antrim coastline.

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With over 40 years of experience, Ventrolla offers a tailored range of period window solutions.  Their unique service includes draught-proofing with the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) and fitting replacement double-glazed sashes that incorporate the patented Sash Removal System (SRS) for easy painting and future maintenance.

They also offer complete new timber windows, secondary glazing solutions and a wide range of window hardware. The company has its head office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and regional offices located throughout the UK.

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