Grade II listed Art Deco Offices have sash windows restored by Ventrolla.

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Ventrolla has used its skills to help refurbish a landmark 1930s community building in Nottingham.

The headquarters of the Nottinghamshire YMCA on Shakespeare Street has undergone more than £1 million worth of investment work over the last 18 months.


Ventrolla’s Midland office was instructed by project architect Rayner Davies of Nottingham to assess the condition of the ground-floor sash windows and carry out repairs where possible.


Preserving History, One Window at a Time – Ventrolla’s Contribution to Nottinghamshire YMCA

The Nottinghamshire YMCA, situated on Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, is not just a building; it’s a living testament to community spirit and historical grandeur. Over the last 18 months, this distinctive art deco landmark, dating back to 1938 with Grade II listed status, underwent a transformative journey with more than £1 million invested in its restoration. Ventrolla’s Midland office played a crucial role in this endeavour, responding to the call of preservation and restoration.

The Architectural Tapestry

A Gem from 1938

The Nottinghamshire YMCA, with its art deco flair, stands as a jewel from the 1930s. Beyond its architectural beauty, it serves as an 86-bed accommodation centre, offers versatile office and retail spaces for rent, and houses a well-equipped health and fitness club. Its Grade II listed status speaks to the historical significance embedded in its walls.

Ventrolla’s Mandate

The Call to Preservation

With an investment exceeding £1 million, the restoration of Nottinghamshire YMCA was a comprehensive project. Ventrolla’s Midland office received the mandate from project architect Rayner Davies of Nottingham to assess and repair the ground-floor sash windows—a pivotal task in preserving the historical authenticity of the building.

The Restoration Process

Heritage Assessment and Repairs

Ventrolla’s craftsmen embarked on a meticulous heritage assessment of the ground-floor sash windows. The objective was clear: to preserve the original features while addressing issues that time had wrought upon them. Repairs were carried out where possible, guided by a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Art Deco design.

Skilled Craftsmanship in Action

The restoration process unfolded as a display of skilled craftsmanship. Ventrolla’s Midland office, drawing on its expertise, carefully repaired and restored the sash windows. Decades of wear and tear were addressed with precision, ensuring that the windows not only regained their functionality but also echoed the grace of the 1930s design.

Collaboration with Architectural Vision

Ventrolla’s collaboration with project architect Rayner Davies was pivotal. The restoration process was a delicate dance between modern techniques and historical authenticity. The repairs carried out by Ventrolla were aligned with the overarching vision for the refurbishment, ensuring seamless integration into the broader restoration narrative.

The Impact on Heritage and Community

A Revitalized Façade

The ground-floor sash windows, now restored by Ventrolla, contribute to the revitalised façade of the Nottinghamshire YMCA. The Art Deco design, once dulled by the passage of time, now stands as a beacon of Nottingham’s architectural history.

Preservation for Future Generations

Ventrolla’s contribution goes beyond immediate repairs; it’s an investment in the preservation of history for future generations. The meticulous restoration ensures that the ground-floor sash windows continue to narrate the story of the Nottinghamshire YMCA for decades to come.

Continued Community Service

The restoration of the Nottinghamshire YMCA, including the work on its windows, aligns with its continued service to the community. The revitalised building stands ready to serve the community with renewed vigour, offering a blend of historical charm and modern amenities.



Clive Bellaby, Estates and Asset Development Manager for Nottinghamshire YMCA, said:

We have an ongoing programme of investment to improve facilities and broaden the services we can offer the local community. Ventrolla’s work was of a very high standard. The windows look fantastic and do a good job of keeping unwanted noise out and heat in.” 

The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) movement was founded in 1844 and has been operating in Nottinghamshire since 1871. Today the YMCA employs 130 staff across six sites in the county and has hundreds of volunteers supporting its activities.

A spokesperson from Ventrolla said:

“We checked 44 separate windows, some of which were quite badly damaged and had loose or broken glass. Being a listed building, we tried to restore as many of the original sashes as we could and in total managed around 70%. The rest were then replaced and matched as closely as possible to the originals. We did also have to replace most of the traditional leaded-lights, where individual pieces of glass on a window are sectioned together with lead, because they were unfortunately damaged beyond repair. Nevertheless, the striking period looks of the building have been successfully preserved and the performance of the windows dramatically improved.”


YMCA and Ventrolla

Ventrolla’s Midland office, in collaboration with project architect Rayner Davies, has etched a chapter in the ongoing story of the Nottinghamshire YMCA. This case study is not just about repairing windows; it’s about preserving a slice of history. The revitalization of the ground-floor sash windows stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication required to breathe life into architectural gems, ensuring that their legacy endures through the passage of time.


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