19th Century Victorian townhouse has sash windows restored by Ventrolla

Key features: Domestic, Sash Windows, Renovation, Double Glazing, Georgian.

The Victorian townhouse which dates back to the late 19th century has been treated to an upgrade on its sash windows due to their deteriorating condition.

Homeowner Mr Robbins had experienced problems with noise and draughts in the property and opted for the original sashes to be upgraded with slim double-glazed windows in order to combat the problems.

Ventrolla fitted and draught-proofed eight windows with the new double-glazed sashes sympathetically matching the profile of the originals, eliminating the troublesome draughts and rattles and reducing heat loss and external noise.

To achieve these results the work carried out involved routing out all the rotten timber from the original frame and sill and restoring the sash with bespoke timber replacements to preserve the windows’ period features.

The sash cords were then replaced, the pulleys serviced and the sashes correctly balanced to ensure smooth and safe operation.

Following the renovation process, the windows performance was improved by installing the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) to draught-proof and enhance the energy efficiency of the townhouse. Mr Robbins said:

“I can’t recommend them highly enough. The quality of the work is top notch and the 2 window fitters never stopped working their socks off. They were thoroughly professional and cleaned everything up after they had finished. ”

“The peace of mind knowing that the product is of the highest quality and has been fitted by true professionals who take pride in the work they do is worth every penny. ”

“We will be using Ventrolla again when we come to do some of the other windows in the house.”

Ventrolla offers a bespoke renovation service for timber sliding sash and casement windows as well as timber doors. The company’s central office is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with regional Ventrolla offices located throughout the UK.

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