Sash Windows were repaired and draught-proofing was installed by Ventrolla in Harrogate terrace

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Harrogate resident Jan Warhurst was fed up that every time she got the decorators in they painted over the sashes and got them stuck.

So when she decided to have the original sash windows renovated and refurbished at the three-bedroom property, ease of maintenance was a real consideration. Jan said:

“Now I am able to remove the windows from the inside, quickly and easily, then paint them and put them back myself which I have done. It has made a big difference and means I don’t have to pay decorators to do the work from the outside.”

“We have completed the Ventrolla journey and the windows have been beautifully refurbished. I have always been happy with the quality and workmanship and the clean and tidy way the work has been carried out.”

“I considered the refurbishing costs against the redecorating costs over the years and feel I made the right choice.”

She has lived in the house for 22 years and wanted to keep the original 100-year-old sash windows.

Her research led her to Ventrolla who surveyed the property and carried out the work in three phases to help spread the cost. The ground floor sitting room window was renovated in 2009, followed by two rear windows in 2012 and this year two sliding sash windows in the bedroom and bathroom windows were renewed.

With over 30 years of experience, Ventrolla offers a tailored range of period window solutions.  Their unique service includes draught-proofing with the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) and fitting replacement double-glazed sashes that incorporate the patented Sash Removal System (SRS) for easy painting and future maintenance.

Ventrolla also offers complete new windows, secondary glazing solutions and a wide range of window hardware.  The company has its Head Office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and regional offices located throughout the UK and Ireland.

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