What is Window Energy Efficiency, and Why is it Important?

bay sash window

‘Energy efficiency’ is often talked about these days. It’s a buzzword at the moment because of rising fuel costs and an increasing awareness of climate change. But what does it mean?

Energy efficiency refers to our gas and electricity bills and is the opposite of wasting money. It could be used to refer to LED lightbulbs which are far more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulbs that we all used. Another key development in the improvement of energy efficiency is thermal insulation. This insulation stops our home from leaking heat therefore reducing our fuel spend. This insulation could be in the form of wall cavity insulation, loft insulation, or through the introduction of energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient sash windows

Energy efficient sash windows can significantly improve the efficiency of your home. Ventrolla offer new sash windows which include double-glazing and the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) to draft-proof your windows to an incredible standard. They also offer a sash window restoration service where existing sash windows can be made more efficient through the replacement of single pane glass with slim double-glazed panes.

Window energy ratings

Ventrolla windows are tested to British Standards (BS) 7386:1900 and 6375:1-2009 which are one of the most demanding European Quality standards. The VPSS has been independently shown to improve the Window Energy Rating by up to 30%.

Energy savings

Energy efficient double glazing is estimated to save £110-£140 per year in the UK. Over the life of the window, this would be the equivalent saving of thousands of pounds.

It makes great sense to improve the energy efficiency of your home with double glazed sash windows from Ventrolla. If you’d like any more information, please speak with our experts.