Spring Cleaning Your Home – Let the Light Flood in

Spring has sprung! Fruit trees blossom, bees and butterflies return and that great ball of heat and happiness, the Sun, has returned to our skies.

It certainly lifts our spirits, but the sun streaming through your window may well shine light (literally!) on the jobs that need doing at home. Spring is a traditional time to have a clear-out and make home improvements. In these northern climates we tend to hunker down over the winter, and come back alive during spring. It’s the natural order of things to want to start anew each spring. So whilst you are dusting down surfaces and repainting walls, it may also be a time to consider your windows.

The benefit of sash windows

On these early spring days, light comes flooding through your sash windows illuminating your home with a whole new look. The abundance of light is welcome (especially for those of us still working from home), but you may have noticed imperfections in the window through this new light. Old sash windows can have uneven, warped and ugly glass. The frames may have perished over too many harsh winters and the non-insulated design may even be allowing damp and draughts into your home.

Spring is an excellent time to think about replacing sash windows. Firstly, the dryer more seasonable weather is kinder to allow installation with minimal impact to your family. New sash windows from Ventrolla are manufactured off-site to exact measurements then installed in a day by expert installers.

The other advantage of a spring installation is that you will benefit from the crystal clear glass and the efficient slide opening all the way through our great British spring and summer.

If your spring-cleaning needs a boost with some new sash windows, please speak with our experts for a quote.