Swot up on your Window Wisdom

How to spot problems with your sash windows

When it comes to looking after period properties, we appreciate it can be quite a challenge. For many, one of the most important yet difficult obstacles is retaining the character and respecting the building’s history.

At Ventrolla, we believe windows are often central to both – not only brightening your outlook but often providing interesting insights into the history of a property.

As with anything personal and important, knowledge and understanding is always a good idea. When it comes to your home, we advise making sure you have all the information, especially if you own a listed building.

Armed with solid historical research you can make a considered choice on a very personal decision.

This also means that if there are any problems you will be able to spot the signs quickly and any renovation decision can be made to complement character and history.

Window Maintenance

Looking after your windows can mean as little as cleaning the glass regularly, inspecting the sills and putty around the frames and checking for rot, stiffness, rattles and draughts. A window MOT like this can mean spotting the signs quickly and avoiding any nasty surprises.

Maintaining Timber windows

In terms of your knowledge base, a good understanding of the different definitions used in the building industry would not go amiss either. As a good starting point, try our Blog piece on the ‘Anatomy of a sash window’ to help with all your terminology troubles.


When it comes to renovation work there are stringent industry standards that need to be met by suppliers. Ventrolla’s windows abide by this strict criterion and any new joinery is crafted in our own joinery workshops.


Ventrolla Sash Windows Workshop

When it comes to making an informed decision about the aesthetics of your property, we know our window systems cause the lease possible visual disruption.”

A true, impartial expert will be able to offer you multiple solutions and explain the benefits of each. These can range from renovating existing windows to full replacement, and the costs should also be outlined for each, leaving you with all the information you need to make an informed, personal decision.

If you have noticed any problems or would like some advice on your windows from a trusted supplier, give our friendly team a call on 0800 0277 454 or contact us. They will be more than happy to talk through the issue and discuss the options available.