Five Ways To Improve The View From Your Garden

large house sash windows
Improve the view from your garden, like this stunning property, with our helpful tips

With the pandemic having restricted many gatherings to the garden in recent months, plenty of us have invested time and money in getting our outdoor spaces up to scratch. In fact, sales of garden furniture and BBQ equipment surged this year and last, as we prepare to welcome friends and family into our outside areas, rather than our homes.

But as you sit in your garden and look up at your house, does it really look as good as you’d like it to? Are you ashamed of overgrown window boxes and appalled by peeling paint? Are your gutters wonky and your bins taking centre stage?

Fear not! We’ve pulled together our top five tips to help you improve the view.

1. Give window frames and doors a lick of paint

It’s not until you take the time to scrutinise your home’s exterior that you notice peeling or faded paintwork. A lick of paint can give your doors, window frames and gates a fresh new look – whether you go for the same colour or pick a brand new shade to transform the look and feel of your home.

Tip: Thorough preparation is key to doing this properly – removing peeling paint, sanding down woodwork and priming the wood will make a world of difference to the finished effect.

painting window frame
Refresh your sash windows with a new lick of paint
2. Tidy up window boxes, tubs and hanging baskets

If your hanging baskets have yet to be replenished after winter, it’s likely that they’re looking a bit tired by now. Replanting baskets, window boxes and tubs with bedding plants or new shrubs – or simply weeding them – can really lift your home’s exterior. And while you’re out there, why not invest in plants that hide features you’re not so keen on – like your bins!

Tip: Go for evergreen plants to make life easier, so you don’t have to upgrade them every season. Or succulents that can thrive without your constant attention.

flower box
Add colour to your windows with window boxes
3. Weed gutters and fix downpipes

Not only do weeds growing out of gutters look unsightly, but they can cause problems for your brickwork, render and timber windows and doors, too. Clearing out leaves, moss and debris from gutters will prevent them from overflowing. Water running down your house, rather than into the drains can create long-term, and often expensive, issues.

Tip: Loose gutters and wonky downpipes can give your exterior an unkempt look, too, so get them securely fixed or replaced if you find that they’re damaged.

clearing gutter
Ensure your gutters are clear of weeds
4. Clean your windows, wash your curtains!

When the sun comes out, we all notice how dirty our windows are from the inside – but you may notice it from the garden, too. Sparklingly clean glazing will make your home look cared for and smart. If this isn’t a job you can easily take care of yourself, it’s well worth employing the services of a professional.

Tip: While your focus is on windows, washing your curtains and wiping down blinds can transform the view from the garden.

large front doors
Frame your view with clean windows and curtains
5. Repair rotten timber frames and sills

Flaking paintwork may be hiding rotten frames or sills, which not only look awful but mean that your windows need a little tlc. If this is the case, save yourself the job of painting over timber that needs attention and call in the experts. Restoring and repairing frames and sills will tidy up your home’s exterior as well as prolonging the life of your windows – ultimately adding value to your home.

Tip: Specialist restorers, like Ventrolla, can carry out a survey and make recommendations of what work needs to be done. Your windows will thank you for it!

before window sill repair
Window sill BEFORE Ventrolla renovation
after window sill repair
Window sill AFTER Ventrolla renovation

So why not invest a little time on your home’s exterior this weekend, before your guests arrive? Even if they don’t notice, you certainly will!

If you would like a free, no-obligation survey carrying out on your sash or casement windows, contact us now.