Timeless Elegance: Exploring 1930’s Door Designs

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Here at Ventrolla, we believe that when it comes to revitalising heritage exteriors or adding a touch of classic character to contemporary architecture, nothing beats a handcrafted wooden door. Manufactured in-house using time-honoured joinery skills fused with future-proof technology, our new timber doors seamlessly replicate the originals and help retain your building’s authentic period styling with ease.

Wooden doors have remained an admired, refined choice amongst homeowners, present in architectural design for decades. The enduring legacy of wooden doors can be traced throughout British history and culture, appearing in key design movements, including the Art Deco trend of the 1930’s.

This blog aims to explore the classic charm of 1930’s wooden door designs and give you some inspiration for your own home improvement solutions.

What were 1930’s doors made from?

The era of the 1930’s saw a rise of the popular, bold and distinctive Art Deco design movement. Doors crafted during the 1930s followed suit, often featuring decorative, coloured glass panels reflective of the art movement, to increase the flow of natural light while maintaining a touch of elegance. Crafted from solid woods like oak, mahogany and pine, doors from the 1930’s also showcased intricate carvings and wooden panels, which enhanced the visual appeal of a home.

Design features of 1930’s doors

  • 1930’s doors were known for their contemporary, cutting-edge aesthetics. The innovative new door styles featured bold colours, striking geometric shapes and lavish door furniture.
  • Vibrant colours such as rich reds and bright yellows were painted onto doors, typically before installation, enhancing the curb appeal of the home with ease.
  • Bevelled stained glass panelling became a frequent feature on front doors from this era, with abstract shapes creating intricate and visually stunning light patterns as the sun shone through.
  • Door furniture and hardware was incredibly decorative, with ornate doorknobs, handles and letter plates adding to the decadence of the design.

At Ventrolla, we understand the allure of vintage design options. That is why we are proud to offer a diverse selection of beautiful timber doors that expertly combine traditional aesthetics with modern performance features.

You can choose from a wide range of design options, such as stunning stained glass motifs and bespoke door furniture, alongside contemporary features that provide added protection for your property, and your choice of responsibly sourced hardwoods and Accoya® timbers. Breathe new life into your property by selecting from our stunning range of exquisite wooden doors.

Transform your home with a beautiful new door installation from Ventrolla

Whether you require front doors or French doors, we’ve got a wooden door design that can perfectly complement your property. Our timber doors are expertly crafted with premium timbers, glazing and hardware, custom fit to your property with care. You can choose from efficient slimline double glazing, conservation-friendly secondary glazing, or single glazing to suit the most restricted locations, for superior thermal performance, security, and period aesthetics.  In addition, we offer a sophisticated selection of bespoke Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian designs, available in a wide range of colours with anti-stain primer provided as standard, so no matter your requirements, we have you covered.

Start designing your dream home improvement solution with Ventrolla

With over four decades of experience, Ventrolla offers a tailored range of period door solutions, including repair and renovation, new timber front & French doors, secondary glazing options, and a wide range of door hardware to suit.

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