Can I Replace My Sash Windows With Casement Windows?

The era, architectural style and location of a period property will dictate the style of windows that were originally installed. Sash and casement windows were both commonly used throughout the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times – with subtle variation in the design detail, depending on the fashion of the time. But can you swap the style of the windows in your home, simply because you fancy a change?


The simple answer is no. Exchanging sash windows for casement windows, for example, just because you prefer the look of them, is absolutely not the right thing to do. Altering the style of window on a whim can be detrimental to the original design and feel of a property – and ultimately, the wrong windows could put a future buyer off and even devalue your home.


I don’t think my windows are original

 If you’re not sure whether your windows are original or not – or you know what period your home is and your sash windows don’t feel appropriate – it’s worth putting in time to trace what the original windows would have looked like. A good place to start is to look around your neighbourhood at other houses like yours. If after your detective work, you find that your sash windows would have been a different style originally, now’s the time to consider replacing them with a more sympathetic design.



My windows are the right design, but beyond repair

Conversely, if you know your windows are original period windows, but the time has come to replace them, it’s always best to mirror the authentic style and detail when you commission your new windows. Most of the time, timber window specialists like Ventrolla can preserve the historical integrity of your windows by renovating, rather than replacing.


Historical Accuracy Matters

Historical accuracy – like the number of panes, the profile of the frame and the hardware – is important in any home (and vital in a Listed property – it’s mandatory to get permission to make any alterations to your home). If you live in a conservation area, or Area of National Beauty, contact your local planning authority to check that you can renovate your windows before starting any work. By ensuring your sash or casement windows are authentically styled will ensure that your property retains its integrity for years to come.


Go for quality that lasts

 Once you have the green light to replace your Victorian sash windows, the next important step is to make sure they’re of lasting quality. By enlisting the help of a timber window expert, you’ll have the peace of mind that your casement windows will be of the correct style and made from the best materials, like durable wood and quality hardware.


Call in the timber casement window specialists

Crafted in UK workshops using the latest machinery, whilst staying true to timeless carpentry methods, every bespoke window that Ventrolla create is made to order. So you can be sure that every detail of your original window is replicated so it’s true to your property and will stand the test of time. Our casement windows are designed with thermal efficiency in mind and they work to improve your home’s carbon footprint and prevent heat loss, resulting in reduced energy bills. If you’re looking to replace your windows with casement windows, contact the team at Ventrolla for your free, no-obligation consultation.