Accessibility And Opening Windows: Are Sash Windows Right For Me?

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Accessibility And Opening Windows: Are Sash Windows Right For Me?

If you or someone in your house has a disability or requires further assistance in daily living, then ensuring that your house is accessible is a big priority and there are many things to think about.

Making your house accessible can include some big changes, such as adding ramps or redesigning bathrooms. As well as these big considerations, sometimes accessibility is just about rethinking everyday living issues: how easy is it to move from room to room? Can everything be reached and operated easily? These small considerations can make a huge difference to daily living.

Windows and accessibility

The first consideration with windows is the height. The average height of a wheelchair is 20 inches and often window sills can be much higher than this. The good news is that a traditional sash style window often has a lower sill height so can be reached and accessed more easily. If you suspect that your window frame is too high, speak to the installation team to see if the window frame could be lowered.

The other major consideration with windows is how easily they slide open. An older sash style window can stick or be stiff to lift and lower. New sash windows from Ventrolla slide open easily so that even people with limited strength or restricted arm movement can open them.

If you would like more information about an accessible sash style window in your home, please speak with our experts.