A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

Common problems of timber sash windows

Windows that don’t open or close …
Draughts …
Dust ingress …
Leaks …
Excessive external noise …

… do these sound familiar?

before sash window repairThey certainly do when it comes to dilapidated sash or casement timber windows. These common problems are not always visible, but are definitely noticeable by homeowners. And the increased heating bills certainly don’t go unnoticed!

Many believe the best solution is to replace with uPVC, but sash window renovation experts Ventrolla can alleviate these problems by renovating your existing windows – avoiding ripping out these key historical features of your period property – no doubt one of the main reasons you fell in love with your historic home to begin with.

Restored windows become more energy efficient, add value to your home, are kinder to your bank balance and preserve the original features.

Many problems are superficial and timber windows are often perceived to be in much worse condition than they actually are on closer inspection.

Common Problems with Sash Windows

Free Consultation 

during sash window repair

Following an initial free consultation, sash window renovation specialists Ventrolla remove the sash units from the window frame to assess the level of damage to the woodwork. Any decaying timber is routed out to expose the sound material beneath. If the damage is too severe new timber will be spliced in to match the original as closely as possible, while any cavities are filled with a special epoxy resin.

Windows have often been painted over so many times they become stuck shut and so this will be remedied along with the replacement of any broken panes of glass.

after sash window repairThe mechanics of the window are then given a complete overhaul by replacing the sash cords, servicing the pulleys and balancing the sashes; all of which ensures smooth operation.

Ventrolla VPPS System

Ventrolla has perfected a solution called the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System. It seals the gap that surrounds the sashes in order to eliminate draughts and rattles and also greatly enhances energy retention, in turn, helping to reduce energy bills.

Should I invest in window renovation?

Investing in window renovation is a wise move and the repairs needed are often quite minimal. Performance and comfort levels are improved for the homeowner to enjoy, while the period charm and character of the property is retained.

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