50 sash windows repaired at grade II listed grammar school by Ventrolla

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Restoring Academic Legacy – Renovating 50 Windows at Grade II Listed Wolverhampton Grammar School


Ventrolla has successfully restored a number of sash windows at a nationally acclaimed grammar school in Wolverhampton.

The work was carried out during the holidays in order to reduce disruption. Out of the 50 windows earmarked for restoration, only two were badly damaged and needed complete overhauling, whilst the rest required only minor repair work to the sashes and sills.

A Legacy of Learning: The Window Renovation Project

Historical Significance

Wolverhampton Grammar School, a Grade II listed institution with roots dating back to 1512, stands as an emblem of academic excellence and historical legacy. As part of ongoing efforts to preserve the school’s heritage, a comprehensive window renovation project was undertaken to address the ageing fenestration.

Challenges and Opportunities

The Task at Hand

The scope of the project was ambitious – the restoration of 50 windows distributed across various wings of the school. Undertaking such a project in an operational educational setting presented challenges related to timing, logistics, and ensuring minimal disruption to the learning environment.

Heritage Preservation

Preserving the architectural integrity of a Grade II listed building while modernizing elements for improved functionality required a delicate balance. The windows, reflecting various historical periods of construction, demanded a meticulous approach to ensure authenticity.

The Renovation Process

Planning and Coordination

The renovation project was strategically scheduled over the school holidays to minimize disruption to regular academic activities. A detailed plan was devised, accounting for the different architectural features of each window and the need for specialized restoration techniques.

Window Frame Restoration

The wooden window frames, susceptible to weathering and decay, underwent thorough restoration. Skilled craftsmen meticulously repaired and replaced damaged sections, ensuring that the original design and structural integrity were maintained.

Glass and Glazing Enhancement

Preserving the historic glazing patterns while enhancing energy efficiency was a key objective. The windows were upgraded with modern, energy-efficient glass that replicated the original appearance, contributing to improved insulation and comfort.

Draughtproofing Integration

To align with modern energy standards without compromising historical authenticity, discreet draughtproofing solutions were integrated. This involved carefully sealing gaps and cracks to enhance energy efficiency without altering the external appearance of the windows.

Addressing Operational Constraints

Timely Execution

The renovation activities were planned with precision to align with the school holidays, allowing for an uninterrupted window restoration process. The project was completed within the allocated timeframe, ensuring a seamless transition for the return of students.

Coordination with School Staff

Effective communication and coordination with school staff were crucial. Regular updates were provided to the school administration, and measures were implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff during the renovation period.

Results and Impact

The successful renovation of 50 windows at Wolverhampton Grammar School had a profound impact:

  • Preservation of Historical Legacy: The meticulous restoration efforts ensured that the historic charm of Wolverhampton Grammar School was preserved. The renovated windows seamlessly blended with the architectural narrative of the school, reflecting various periods of its long history.
  • Enhanced Learning Environment: Improved insulation and draughtproofing contributed to a more comfortable and energy-efficient learning environment. The renovated windows added to the overall comfort of classrooms and study spaces.
  • Operational Continuity: By strategically scheduling the renovation during school holidays, operational continuity was maintained. The return of students was met with revitalized surroundings that spoke to both the tradition and modernity of Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Mary Wilmot, Bursar at Wolverhampton Grammar School, said:

“We received outstanding service from Ventrolla. Two members of the team completed the work in just three weeks, which meant the classrooms were ready for use before the start of the new school term.”

“The windows look as if they are brand new, but still maintain their traditional Victorian character, and the rooms are no longer cold and draughty. We plan to get Ventrolla back to carry out repairs on additional windows.”


The renovation of 50 windows at Wolverhampton Grammar School serves as a compelling case study in harmonizing heritage preservation with modern functionality. By carefully orchestrating the restoration process during school holidays and employing specialized techniques, the project not only preserved the historical legacy of the school but also contributed to an improved and sustainable learning environment. This case study underscores the significance of strategic planning and collaboration in ensuring the seamless restoration of historic educational institutions.

Wolverhampton Grammar School will shortly be celebrating its 500th anniversary, whilst its current premises on Compton Road date back to 1875. With a strong reputation for academic achievement and extra-curricular activities, the school has 650 pupils.

With over 40 years’ of experience, Ventrolla offers a tailored range of period window solutions including repair and renovation, new timber windows, double-glazed replacement sashes, secondary glazing solutions and a wide range of window hardware.

The company’s head office is based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and regional offices are also located throughout the UK.

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