Liverpool Window Repair

Peter and Helen have been valued customers of Ventrolla’s for the last few years. Throughout planned phases of work, we’ve renovated the Victorian sash windows of their beautiful home; an imposing villa in a Liverpool conservation area.

Built in 1850 the home boasts many original timber sash windows. But, sadly, some hadn’t been operable over the years after being nailed shut by previous owners. The windows were all ready to benefit from some specialist attention and, following a recommendation from their builder, Peter and Helen contacted us at Ventrolla.

Although not without the kind of issues expected with windows that are over 100 years old, the initial surveys highlighted the fact that integral elements of some of the sash windows were still in good condition. Our window-by-window report reflected this, recommending window repair where it was possible, and new joinery only where necessary.

We’ve since carried out a bespoke combination of window repair and renovation, where we’ve fitted new made-to-measure new wooden sashes that match the details of the originals

As part of an ongoing project we’ve already helped to return 13 windows back to full working order. Helen summarised the benefits in a nutshell, describing the new and improved windows as:

“Much smarter, warmer, less draughty, and they now open!”

Helen also commended our level of organisation and clarity of our pricing, as well as our professional service and the courtesy of our installations team.

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