Beverley Terraced House | Slim Double-Glazed Sash Windows

Annie and her husband bought a beautiful, terraced house in the heart of Beverley. The home needed a little TLC and first on the list was to tackle the sash windows to make them more energy efficient and minimise outdoor noise due to the town centre location. 

They contacted Ventrolla about having their sashes upgraded to double glazing. The couple were delighted to discover this would be possible by replacing the sashes but keeping the original window boxes. The windows renovations took place in stages ‐ first up were the windows at the front of the house ‐ two sashes and a third, beautiful, arched sash.

“With the arched window being an unusual shape we weren’t sure if we’d be able to have it renovated with double‐glazing and still keep the sash functionality. We needn’t have worried; the arched window looks fantastic and works brilliantly – opening smoothly to let fresh air in and keeping the noise and draughts out when closed.”

“We are lucky to live very close to the Minster in Beverley. However, with the church bells chiming regularly and a newborn baby, we needed to minimise the noise – and the window renovations have done just that, we instantly noticed a big difference. I still love to open the windows and listen to the beautiful sound of the bells chiming.”

Double glazed sash windows allow you to keep the traditional charm and beauty of your wooden windows while also benefiting from modern energy performance. Ventrolla offers two double glazed sash window solutions; replacement slimline secondary glazing installed into your existing sash box and where necessary, completely new wooden double glazed windows.

“We were simultaneously doing quite a bit of work on the property and Steve and the team from Ventrolla kept us informed throughout and never let us down. They were transparent with the amount of time it would take to complete everything. We were told the bespoke windows would take 12 weeks’ to be manufactured and that’s exactly how long they took. We could plan other work around this knowing how reliable they were. We’ll be inviting them back shortly to complete the final windows – the all important bathroom and kitchen.”


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