Bourneville Village Trust

Established in 1900 by the visionary philanthropist George Cadbury, Bourneville Village Trust has become a cornerstone of Birmingham’s housing landscape. With a mission to provide vibrant communities rather than mere homes, the Trust’s legacy spans over a century of unwavering dedication to affordability, quality, and social responsibility.

Nestled within the idyllic surroundings of Bourneville Village, the Trust’s properties epitomise quintessential English charm, characterised by quaint architecture, verdant landscapes, and a palpable sense of community spirit. Beyond accommodation, the Trust fosters a sense of belonging, weaving together the fabric of a close-knit neighbourhood where residents thrive and traditions endure.


Commitment to Heritage Preservation

At the heart of Bourneville Village Trust’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to preserving the architectural heritage that defines the village’s unique character. From the distinctive Tudor-style cottages to the elegant Victorian townhouses, each property stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and vision of generations past.

Recognising the intrinsic value of these historical assets, the Trust goes to great lengths to ensure their preservation for future generations. Through restoration, thoughtful conservation efforts, and proactive maintenance initiatives, Bourneville Village Trust safeguards not just buildings but a tangible link to the community’s storied past.


Ventrolla Partnership

Bourneville Village Trust has found a like-minded partner whose expertise in heritage restoration aligns seamlessly with its own values. Renowned for their unrivalled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, Ventrolla brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having earned a reputation as industry leaders in the restoration of timber windows – an integral feature of Bourneville Village’s architectural tapestry.



Ventrolla, a renowned expert in the restoration and renovation of timber wood windows, undertook a significant project with Bourneville Village Trust. The project aimed to revitalise and preserve the historic charm of 20 properties while securing deposits and contracts for an additional 26 new properties.

Client Overview

Bourneville Village Trust, established in 1900 by George Cadbury, is a housing association with a rich history in providing affordable, quality homes in the picturesque Bourneville Village in Birmingham, UK. The trust holds a commitment to maintaining the architectural heritage of the village, making it an ideal partner for Ventrolla’s expertise.


Project Scope

The collaboration involved the renovation of 20 properties, focusing on the timber wood windows, a hallmark feature of Bourneville Village. Ventrolla’s scope included:

  • Historical Preservation: Ensuring the restoration work aligns with the architectural heritage of the village while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the properties.
  • Timber Window Renovation: Addressing issues such as decay, drafts, and general wear and tear on the timber windows, preserving their authenticity.
  • Energy Efficiency: Upgrading the windows to modern standards to enhance energy efficiency without compromising the traditional appearance.
  • Quality Assurance: Implementing rigorous quality control measures to meet Ventrolla’s high standards and adhere to the trust’s expectations.



Ventrolla’s team meticulously assessed each property, developing a tailored plan for restoration. The process involved:

  • Window Inspection: Conducting a thorough inspection to identify specific issues and areas in need of attention.
  • Customised Solutions: Crafting personalised solutions for each property, considering the unique characteristics of the timber windows.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Utilising Ventrolla’s skilled craftsmen to implement the restoration and renovation, ensuring attention to detail and precision.
  • Collaborative Approach: Regular communication with Bourneville Village Trust to ensure alignment with their vision and expectations.



Ventrolla has successfully restored and renovated 20 properties, preserving the historical significance of Bourneville Village. Additionally, the collaboration also secured deposits and contracts for 26 new properties, reflecting the trust’s confidence in Ventrolla’s expertise. The upgraded timber windows now meet modern energy efficiency standards, contributing to sustainable living in Bourneville Village.

Key Outcomes

  • Preservation of Heritage: Ventrolla’s commitment to historical preservation has not only maintained the charm of Bourneville Village but enhanced it for future generations.
  • Energy-Efficient Solutions: The upgraded timber windows now meet modern energy efficiency standards, contributing to sustainable and cost-effective living.
  • Client Satisfaction: Bourneville Village Trust expresses satisfaction with Ventrolla’s work, establishing a foundation for potential future collaborations.


Ventrolla’s successful collaboration with Bourneville Village Trust showcases the company’s dedication to excellence in timber window restoration and renovation. The project not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting legacy of craftsmanship and preservation in the heart of Bourneville Village. As Ventrolla continues to expand its portfolio, this case study serves as a testament to the company’s expertise of preserving heritage through innovation.




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