Ventrolla Prepares to Shine at The Listed Property Show in London

In the realm of historical property preservation, the Listed Property Show stands out as a pivotal event, offering a wealth of information and expert advice in just two days. Organised to bring together the industry’s finest under one roof, this event is designed to save attendees money, time, and stress.

As Ventrolla gears up for its participation, it aims to showcase its expertise in sash window renovation within the dynamic setting of The Listed Property Show.

Visit Ventrolla’s at stand B15 and learn how you can save money and energy and preserve your property’s architectural features.

Our expert team will be discussing everything about timber windows. They’ll be demonstrations showing how the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) keeps listed and period properties draught-free and how the Sash Removal System (SRS) allows easy maintenance in historic homes.

Listed property show



| Over 150 Leading suppliers and products for listed buildings from energy efficiency to damp control | Independent conservation officers | Free planning advice | Conservation architects and caring builders | Talk to experts about LBC, unauthorised works, surveys, VAT grants, maintenance and law | Research the history of your house |

Show Highlights:

  1. Exclusive Conversations with Independent Conservation Officers:
    The Listed Property Show facilitates stress-free, one-to-one conversations with independent conservation officers. This unique opportunity allows attendees to gain personalised insights and advice for their listed properties.
  2. 150+ Leading Suppliers and Tradesmen for Listed Buildings:
    Ventrolla, along with over 150 leading suppliers and tradesmen, will be part of the show, providing a comprehensive array of solutions for listed building work. From restoration materials to expert craftsmanship, attendees can explore a diverse range of offerings.
  3. New for 2024: Extending Your Listed Property Feature and Guide:
    The event introduces a detailed feature on how to extend listed properties, offering practical guidance and insights for those looking to expand their historical homes.
  4. Conservation Architects, Caring Builders, and Listed Property Owners’ Club Experts:
    Ventrolla’s representatives will be on hand to interact with conservation architects, builders committed to preservation, and experts from The Listed Property Owners’ Club. Attendees can gather information on various aspects, including buying, unauthorised works, surveys, VAT, grants, maintenance, mortgages, insurance, and legal considerations.
  5. New for 2024: Listed and Modern Features, Awards, and Architects:
    The Listed & Modern feature will showcase award-winning extensions and remodelling projects, inspiring innovative approaches to listed buildings.
  6. Practical Demonstrations and Hypothetical Plans:
    Practical demonstrations at the event will cover plaster and lead work, window restoration, lime mortar application, master carvings, brickwork, and decorating. Additionally, attendees can seek advice on hypothetical plans to alter their listed buildings. Ventrolla’s team of experts will be demonstrating how timber windows can be renovated on stand B15.
  7. Ask the Experts Panel and Interactive Lecture Programme:
    The event includes an exclusive “Ask the Experts Panel” featuring leading industry professionals. The interactive lecture programme covers a wide range of subjects, including damp, surveys, lime, planning and listed building consent, house history, maintenance, and a dedicated theatre on energy efficiency.
  8. New for 2024: Energy Efficiency Feature and Talks Theatre:
    With a focus on balancing energy conservation and building conservation, the show introduces an energy efficiency feature with a dedicated talks theatre. Leading professionals will share their experiences and expertise on sustainable ways to retrofit listed properties.
  9. Specific Advice for Flats, Apartments, and Commercial Buildings:
    The Listed Property Show offers tailored advice and expertise for owners and managers of flats and apartments within listed buildings, including management companies and commercial properties.
  10. Feature Showcasing Properties for Sale in Need of Restoration:
    A unique feature at the show will showcase properties for sale around the UK in need of restoration, repair, and care, providing potential buyers with exciting opportunities.
  11. Historic England’s Presence:
    To add to the comprehensive support available, Historic England will be at the show, ready to help and advise property owners on historical preservation.

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Conservation Advisors at The Listed Property Show

At The Listed Property Show, Peter Bell, LPOC’s esteemed Conservation Advisor, will spearhead a team of independent conservation officers, offering complimentary one-to-one consultations. These officers are ready to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the obligations and requirements associated with owning a listed property. Moreover, they are available to discuss any existing plans or hypothetical ideas you might have regarding alterations or extensions to your home. To make the most of this opportunity, it is recommended to bring along ample photographs and sketches of your property.

In conjunction with these conservation officers, a diverse group of highly skilled and qualified RIBA-registered architects will be present. Each architect possesses the expertise and experience necessary to guide you through the development of your plans, ensuring they come to fruition seamlessly.

Meet the LPOC Experts

Meet with The Listed Property Owners’ Club experts and gather information about buying or owning a listed property, unauthorised works by previous owners, surveyance, grants, maintenance, mortgages, and law. The Club can also provide specific advice and expertise available for owners or managers of flats or apartments within a listed building, including management companies and listed commercial buildings.


Historic England

The event is held in conjunction with Historic England. Historic England is the public body that helps people care for, enjoy, and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment.

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As the Listed Property Show approaches, Ventrolla anticipates a prominent presence in this gathering of industry experts and enthusiasts. With a commitment to heritage preservation, Ventrolla looks forward to contributing to the collective knowledge and providing valuable insights into the restoration and enhancement of listed properties at this highly esteemed event.


About The Listed Property Owners Club LPOC

Any problems that arise from owning a listed building are, without exception, due to a lack of knowledge, and it was on this basis that we structured the club,” says founder Peter Anslow.

Buying a dilapidated 17th-century Kentish barn in the 1960s and discovering how little advice was then available, Peter was inspired to found The Listed Property Owners’ Club to help people in a similar situation. Today, the Club is the authoritative source of information and advice on the maintenance, responsibilities, and obligations of ownership of Britain’s protected buildings.

Peter now works with his son Martin and daughter Natasha, both of whom have first-hand experience of complex conservation projects on listed homes of their own. Together, with a team whose comprehensive expertise has been gathered over more than 25 years, the club is in a unique position to save its members time, expense, and needless anxiety.

Since 2013, Peter has also been an active political campaigner, supporting the owners of Britain’s half-a-million or so listed homes through The Listed Property Owners’ Club’s Political Campaign for Owners. In 2016, the Political Campaign achieved a major victory when, thanks to its ongoing efforts, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Listed Properties was officially recognised. The Club continues to lobby Westminster for a reduction in VAT for repairs and approved alterations on listed buildings to 5%.

The Listed Property Show

Olympia London


Friday, February 2nd, and Saturday, February 3rd, 2023

Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday 9 am – 5 pm