The Ventrolla System: Restoring and Enhancing Wooden Windows for Optimal Performance

Wooden windows are cherished for their timeless charm and aesthetic appeal, but over time, they can suffer from decay, draughts, and inefficiency. Fortunately, the Ventrolla system offers a comprehensive solution to restore and upgrade wooden windows, ensuring they retain their original beauty while achieving optimal performance.

Consisting of two phases, this system combines innovative wood repair techniques with a unique draught-proofing system to breathe new life into wooden windows and doors.

Phase 1 – Window Renovation

The initial phase of the Ventrolla system focuses on renovating the windows, treating the wood, and restoring their functionality. The key component in this phase is the Ventrolla Wood Repair System (VR90), a specially formulated two-part epoxy resin designed to revitalise and reinforce wooden windows and doors. Some notable benefits of the VR90 Wood Repair System include:

  1. Retention of original timber: The VR90 system helps preserve the majority of the original timber, maintaining the authentic character of the windows.
  2. Long-lasting repairs: By restoring the strength of tenon joints and filling cavities in sills, the VR90 wood repair ensures durable and reliable repairs.
  3. Fast-acting and minimal downtime: The VR90 system is fast-acting, minimising the time windows need to be out of service during the renovation process.
  4. Reduced carbon footprint: By extending the lifespan of wooden windows, the Ventrolla system contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing the need for replacements and the associated environmental impact.
  5. Matching existing profile: The VR90 system allows for seamless repairs that match the window’s original profile, ensuring a cohesive appearance.


Thorough inspection and survey of all windows

During the renovation process, Ventrolla conducts a thorough inspection and survey of all windows, assessing their condition and identifying areas of decay. The steps involved in the renovation process include:

  • Removing decaying wood and restoring it to sound timber.
  • Applying VR90 WS stabilizer to provide anchorage.
  • Using VR90 filler to fill gaps and joints, skilfully moulded to match the window profile.
  • Replacing sash cords and servicing pulleys for smooth operation.
  • In cases of extensive damage, new timber is spliced in, or rotten sills are completely replaced.


Ventrolla Renovated Window


Phase 2 – Performance Upgrade

The second phase of the Ventrolla system focuses on upgrading the performance of wooden windows by installing the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS). The VPSS is specifically designed to be compatible with windows and doors of any shape or size. Its installation enhances the windows’ performance without compromising their appearance or character. Key benefits of the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System include:

  1. Draught elimination: The VPSS virtually eliminates draughts and leaks, significantly improving the thermal efficiency of the windows.
  2. Rattle eradication: By sealing all faces, the VPSS eradicates sash rattle, ensuring a quiet and comfortable living environment.
  3. Improved energy efficiency: The VPSS can enhance a window’s energy rating by up to 30%, contributing to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.
  4. Noise reduction: The sealing system helps mitigate noise problems, creating a more peaceful indoor environment.
  5. Smooth operation: The VPSS ensures the windows operate smoothly, allowing for effortless opening and closing.


Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System

The installation process of the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System involves the use of Weatherfin two-piece parting beads with a pile carrier fitted into a U-section. These sealing systems conform to relevant standards, including BS 7386: 1997, BS EN 12207: 2000, and BS6375-1: 2009 (Class 3). They are manufactured using water-repellent and UV-stabilized multifilament polypropylene yarn. Additionally, the sealing system can be supplied in various colours, allowing for customisation (additional cost may apply).

During the installation, the Ventrolla team ensures that the sealing system is applied to the top of the box, mid rail, bottom rail, parting bead, and staff beads, creating a comprehensive seal around the window or door. The sashes are carefully weighed and adjusted to ensure proper balance and smooth operation. Any exposed or bare wood is treated with a white acrylic primer to provide protection, while the final decorative painting is left to be done by others.


Independent testing

Independent testing has validated the effectiveness of the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System. The system has achieved the highest requirements of BS6375-1:2009, Class 3, ensuring its durability and performance under testing conditions of up to 600 Pa. Furthermore, the VPSS contributes to improved energy efficiency, with potential energy rating improvements of up to 30%. The system also reduces air change rates to a remarkable 0.4 air changes per hour, resulting in enhanced thermal insulation. Additionally, the Ventrolla system has been independently tested and proven to provide noise reduction levels within the range of 6 to 10 dB(A).


Sash Removal System (SRS)

The sash removal system (SRS) is discreetly mounted in the side of the sash, allowing safe and easy removal of both the upper and lower sashes, to therefore give free access to the window box frame, and is not visible either internally or externally during the normal operation of the sash window.


Sash Removal System (SRS)


Recognition and Trust

The Ventrolla system has garnered recognition and trust from esteemed organisations dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings and architectural heritage. English Heritage, Historic England, Historic Scotland, and Cadw have all recognised the Ventrolla system for its ability to restore and upgrade wooden windows while maintaining their historical and architectural significance.


Noise Control

One common misconception is that double glazing alone provides effective sound insulation due to the presence of two panes of glass. However, the truth is that it is the seal that plays a crucial role in soundproofing. In this regard, the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) is designed to offer comparable sound insulation, as illustrated in Diagram B. By effectively sealing the windows, the VPSS helps reduce noise transmission, creating a more peaceful and serene indoor environment.


Noise Reduction With VPSS

Environmental Issues

In addition to the numerous benefits of the Ventrolla system, it also addresses environmental concerns. By prioritising the retention of the original material, the Ventrolla system significantly reduces its carbon footprint when compared to window replacements. Here are some notable environmental facts:

  1. Reduced energy consumption: Window renovation consumes up to 40 times less energy compared to the production and installation of replacement windows. By choosing the Ventrolla system, homeowners contribute to energy conservation and sustainability.
  2. Preserving invested energy: Renovating windows allows the energy already invested in the original window to be retained, minimising waste, and reducing overall environmental impact.
  3. Minimal waste: The Ventrolla system generates minimal waste, as the focus is on restoring and repairing existing windows rather than replacing them. Any waste generated is responsibly managed through recycling or appropriate disposal methods.
  4. Improved Window Energy Rating: By implementing the Ventrolla system, windows can achieve up to a 30% improvement in their Window Energy Rating (WER), enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heat loss.


Why choose Ventrolla?

When you select Ventrolla, you’re not just restoring the attractiveness and functionality of your windows; you’re actively choosing to support a greener and more sustainable future. With their expertise, you can experience the advantages of energy efficiency, decreased environmental impact, prolonged lifespan, and the preservation of historical significance. By making this conscious decision, you are taking a step towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable path.

For more information about the Ventrolla Sash Window Renovation call 0800 0277 454, or visit Ventrolla’s website at Ventrolla provides comprehensive details about their services, allowing customers to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards window renovation and performance enhancement.