The Condensation Problem

Condensation – a word that can fill home owners with dread. It’s bad for your health and damaging to your property. And if you have timber sash or casement windows, it can have a particularly detrimental effect on their lifespan.

If you ask most people, they’ll say that single glazing is the root cause of condensation running down the windows. However, this is not strictly true. So, where does it come from and what can you do about it?

The fact is, that we produce around 112 pints of airborne moisture a week in our homes – from cooking, washing and breathing. And this has to go somewhere. Generally, the moisture we produce goes into the air, which acts like a sponge. Depending on the relative humidity of the air (pressure and temperature), it will hold different amounts of moisture.

As the temperature drops, the relative humidity increases and the air’s ability to hold moisture decreases. This is why moisture is deposited near a cold surface – which is more often than not the glass in a window – causing condensation.

Double glazing is often seen as the solution to this problem. As the inner face of double glazing is warmer than single glazing, it will reduce the effects of condensation that you can see. But while replacing single glazing for double glazing might alleviate the most obvious symptoms – it won’t stop it from being caused. Installing double glazing simply moves the problem to the next cold surface – often your interior walls or window sills. Cue peeling wallpaper, mould and fungus.

So, what is the solution? Are my sash windows the issue? Not at all! Adequate ventilation in your home is key to success, whatever windows you have. A well‐ventilated space will help to remove moist air and keep your windows free from condensation. To achieve this, ensure your windows can be opened and closed easily – not sealed shut with years of built up paint or excessive and unsuitable insulation.

As sash window experts, Ventrolla can help bring your windows back to fully functioning life. Whether you have single or double glazing, they can restore your windows helping your home to ‘breath’ again.

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