Single or Double? A Guide to Choosing Glazing

Single Vs Double Glazing

As with any renovations, when you reach the stage that your single glazed timber sash windows need some attention, it’s a good idea to explore all the options.

If you currently have single glazed sashes then there are some key factors to take into account that will impact whether or not you can introduce double glazing.

Can I double glaze my single glazed sash windows?

It’s not advisable to fit double glazed units into original (single glazed) timber sash frames because the associated weight increase compromises the strength of the original sash.

In addition, the glazing bars of single glazed sashes are usually not deep enough to accommodate the extra depth of new double glazed units.

So, what are my options?

Well, that depends on a couple of factors.

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

If your property is listed, or you live in a conservation area, you’ll need to obtain permission to make the switch from single to double glazing.

Ordinarily, where sashes are in good condition, refurbishment of the original single glazed sashes would be the conservation officer’s preferred route. By conserving the complete sash you extend the life of the original workmanship and preserve the historic glass.

However, sometimes this isn’t possible. When the original windows of a listed building are beyond repair, double glazed sashes can sometimes become a permitted option.

Can you support our Listed Building Consent Application?

If you own a listed property and are considering renovating your windows, we always recommend you speak with your local conservation officer early in the process. This will help you to fully understand the requirements and determine whether there are any restrictions.

We create window-by-window technical drawings and specifications detailing the work proposed, for you to submit along with your application.

We also happily provide any accompanying documentation your planning officer may wish to see to.

What about typical period properties?

If your property isn’t constrained by the regulations that guide listed homes and those within conservation areas, the decision is more straight forward. You’re free to choose double glazing and get the maximum benefit from your window refurbishment.

What’s the first step?

Whatever glazing you choose, we begin by arranging a free survey where a local member of our team will investigate your windows and talk you through the options.

What happens during the survey?

We typically allocate less than an hour for a survey which allows plenty of time to inspect the windows and answer all of your questions, should you have any.

We really do care about preserving the heritage and charm of period sash windows so, where possible, we’ll always propose renovating windows rather than replacing your windows.

After the survey

Following the survey, we’ll send a full and detailed quote of each window and the works proposed and then leave you alone to make your own decision. No pressure tactics or hard sell.

To chat with a member of our friendly team, or to arrange a survey, give us a call on 0800 378 278 or contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.