Securing Your Timber Windows

Windows are typically considered the weak point in a building’s security. And original sash and casement windows, with their thin glazing (around 2 – 4mm thick) can be a worry to home owners. But if your home still has windows dating from Victorian times, there are ways of bolstering their security, to give you additional peace of mind.


The ironmongery you add to your windows is not just about complementing the look and style of your period windows. It also plays an important role in your home security. It’s vital to replace any window locks that stop working, or to think about upgrading your fasteners to keep out unwanted visitors. Fasteners are available in a range of styles and finishes, to add the perfect finishing touch. Brighton fasteners, for example, are available as a lockable for your sash windows. And casement windows can be secured easily, with new stays or fasteners complete with key locks. Sash restrictors are also a sensible addition to your windows. Small and cylindrical, screwing into the side style of the top sash (approx. 100mm from the mid‐rail) and restricting the height the bottom sash can travel to, making access much harder.

sash window close up


Rotten timber in a sash window can make the frame unstable, and it can also mean that your windows become increasingly hard to close. Both of these can pose a security risk to your home. With the help of experts, like Ventrolla, rotten timber can be restored, or new timber spliced in, allowing you to retain the aesthetics of the original frames but at the same time, improving the structure of your window frames. It’s always better to keep on top of maintenance, as large areas of rotten timber are not repairable. DIY measures can help in the short term, but expert workmanship is always the best long‐term option, keeping your windows in their best possible condition and your home more secure.


If your windows are beyond repair, or your original glazing becomes damaged, it’s an almost impossible task to completely secure your sash windows. Lockable hardware cannot be fixed to rotten timber and cracks in thin glazing will leave your home vulnerable. In this situation, you can retain the period charm of your home by opting for replacement sash windows. Made in hardwood for lasting quality, with modern single or double glazing and lockable hardware as standard. Ventrolla’s replacement windows are crafted to look exactly like your original windows but can give you the reassurance that they are a more solid and secure option.


If you don’t want or need to replace your original glass, secondary glazing is definitely worth considering. Not only a great way to reduce outside noise and cut down draughts, it also adds a physical barrier against forced entry. In fact, secondary glazing comes with a host of home security benefits. It’s extremely hard to open from the outside, the outer glazing can act as a vibration‐sensitive alarm, tough aluminium frames are fixed securely, and it’s harder for an intruder to tamper with locks and catches, or remove glass.

curved sash window with shutters
thing sash window

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