Secondary Glazing – A great alternative to replacing windows

If you have original period sash windows in your property, you’ll be aware of the drawbacks that are inherent with older windows. Period sash windows can be draughty and damp. They can also be inefficient at keeping out the cold and the noise.

You may be in the position that you need to make the windows more thermally efficient, but you don’t want to replace the great design. Or maybe you’d like new sash windows, but your budget doesn’t stretch to it.

There is another option: Ventrolla can restore your original windows and fit with secondary glazing to make them more efficient.

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing is a fully independent internal window. As it is fitted with a slim aluminium frame, its minimalist design is discreet and not easy to spot. The units can be ‘lift-out’, hinged or slide allowing access to the original window for cleaning and airing. Because the glazing panels are fitted to an exact specification, they create the effect of double glazing, thus eliminating problems with thermal efficiency and noise pollution.

Is there a choice of style?

Ventrolla supply both Traditional and Heritage style secondary glazing. The Traditional is slim with a minimal aluminium frame making it perfect for smaller domestic windows. The Heritage is a little heavier-set and is perfect for larger windows and commercial applications.

Secondary glazing is a great option for budget-conscious customers demanding great insulation from their original windows. If you’d like more information, please contact us.