I Need A New Sash Window, But Want It To Look Like My Old One

sanding in workshopA new sash window being handcrafted by Ventrolla

If you’ve been told that your timber sash or casement windows are beyond repair – and you’ll need new ones – you may be worrying about how to get replacements made, that are in keeping with the style of your original windows. The team at Ventrolla is here to take any worries away, with a process that ensures your new sash window is a perfect match.

How do you make a new sash window?

So, how do we go about creating a replacement that replicate the authentic window design found in your home?

The process begins with a chat with our team on the phone, or our Surveyor who can visit your home to determine whether you need renovation work or a new window.

Once we’ve confirmed that you require a replacement sash window, we may need to carry out a manufacturing survey to take extra detailing information. They’ll measure the aperture to get accurate dimensions – including the thickness of the sash, the profile design and the configuration of your glazing.

It’s at this point that they’ll record any special shapes, too – like arch or gothic windows – so they can make a template of the required curves, to ensure the new joinery is an exact fit.

Your new window is then manufactured in our workshop – made from African Sapele, a durable hardwood. Our highly-skilled craftsmen will assemble it, using stable mortise and tenon joints, with wedges for added strength and durability. Sanding any imperfections and priming the woodwork is the final step.

If a client requires their window to be fully finished, we will add a further coat of primer and a top coat. The final stage is the glazing and fitting of the ironmongery to your replacement window. It will then undergo a final clean before it’s carefully wrapped up, ready for delivery.

“Where are my sash windows made?”

Our beautiful hardwood windows are crafted in Ventrolla’s 16,000 square foot specialist workshop. It’s a space full of modern and classic woodworking machinery – from tenoners and spindle moulders to belt sanders and mortisers – all operated by our skilled craftsmen.

We have a vast range of cutter profiles – over 100 types in fact – plus a facility to make a bespoke profile.

So, whatever your window looks like, you can be assured that we will create a new window that mirrors it to perfection.

workshop overview

Do you need new sash windows in your home?

Whatever style your sash or casement windows are, with our help, you can enjoy a long-lasting replacement that looks as good as the original. Visit our website to arrange your free, no-obligation survey or to request a brochure.