An Introduction to Sash Window Renovation

Whether part of a domestic or commercial property, original wood sash windows play an intrinsic part in giving a heritage building its character. Keeping on top of their upkeep, however, is key to protecting their integrity and prolonging their lifespan for years to come.

Renovating original timber sash windows is a specialist skill. It’s not just about freeing stuck sashes or fixing broken glass, although these are common window issues, which needs to be resolved. There are a whole host of intricate tasks that can be carried out as part of a sympathetic restoration, which safeguard authentic features and ensure a window is fit to meet the demands of today – and tomorrow.

Why renovate?

Specialist timber window restoration provides homeowners, architects and developers with a range of benefits:

  • It’s usually more cost-effective than replacement
  • Energy bills and exterior noise are reduced
  • Carbon emissions are cut
  • A building’s character is retained
  • It contributes to the kerb appeal and value of the property as a whole
  • It’s a more sustainable option
  • Historic buildings are preserved for generations to come
  • It’s the best choice for listed buildings, properties in conservation areas and AONBs

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Specialists in timber window restoration

Ventrolla is an industry-leader in wooden window restoration. Preserving the unique charm of period windows is our priority. But it’s about more than just bringing windows back to life. We expertly restore draughty, rattling and unloved sash windows – replacing rotten wood, fixing sash cords and weights, splicing in new timber – and at the same time, we make them fit for modern living. Our unobtrusive innovations don’t compromise the aesthetics of original window; instead they enhance them, delivering energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and more.

Warmer home, lower energy bills

We fit our Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) as standard with any restoration project. Our clever draught exclusion system helps reduce rattles and cold air ingress – a common headache with original windows. The VPSS can contribute to lower energy bills, by keeping a room warmer, too.


A wealth of glazing options

Our expertise allows us to recommend the right glazing for all types of period windows. Renovations can include different options – including slim double glazing, that fits into original glazing bars, or secondary glazing, which is ideal for acoustic insulation or for listed properties.


Maintenance made easier

Our patented Sash Removal System (SRS) can be integrated into an original window renovation  This discreet feature makes it easier for you to remove the sash when it comes to painting or restoring windows in the future.


Sash window removal system

A more sustainable option

By bringing an existing window back to life, it keeps its purpose. Reducing waste, cutting down on new materials used and by virtue of energy efficiency, renovation is kinder to the future of the planet.

Exceptional sash window renovations from the experts

Ventrolla’s bespoke window renovations deliver the highest level of insulation, performance and style – as well as fixing niggles – whether you need us to take care of one window or 100. And from start to finish our restoration service offers home or commercial property owners a host of benefits.


If you have old timber sash windows which need to be brought back to life, contact us to find out more about our expert renovation service or to book a free, no-obligation window survey.


FAQs about Sash Window Renovation

1. What is sash window renovation?

Sash window renovation is the process of repairing and restoring old or damaged sash windows to their original condition, improving their functionality and energy efficiency.

2. Why should I consider renovating my sash windows?

Renovating your sash windows can help you retain the original character of your property while improving their energy efficiency and reducing draughts, making your home more comfortable and reducing your energy bills.

3. What are the benefits of sash window renovation?

Sash window renovation can provide several benefits, including improved insulation, better soundproofing, smoother operation, increased security, and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

4. How long does sash window renovation take?

The time it takes to renovate your sash windows depends on the extent of the repairs and the number of windows to be renovated. However, a typical sash window renovation project can take several days to a few weeks to complete.

5. Can I do sash window renovation myself?

While it’s possible to do sash window renovation yourself, it’s usually best to hire a professional who has the necessary tools, expertise, and experience to do the job right. This is particularly important if you want to ensure that the renovation work is carried out to a high standard, and the windows are properly sealed and insulated.

6. What does sash window renovation involve?

Sash window renovation typically involves several steps, including repairing or replacing damaged woodwork, removing old paint or varnish, repairing or replacing broken glass, and installing new hardware and fittings. The windows may also be insulated to improve their energy efficiency.

7. How much does sash window renovation cost?

The cost of sash window renovation can vary depending on the extent of the repairs needed, the size and number of windows to be renovated, and the type of materials used. Generally, the cost of renovating sash windows is less than the cost of replacing them entirely.