7 Reasons to Choose Timber Windows

If the windows in your home need some attention, it’s likely that you’ll be weighing up the timber and uPVC options. There are many myths surrounding uPVC and we are confident we can persuade you that natural materials such as timber are best ‐ read on for our top 7 reasons why.

Advantages of timber windows

1. Timeless Style

Wooden windows have stood the test of time as property fashions come and go. They offer a timeless appeal that doesn’t date, and they are currently more in demand than ever.
If your period property is still lucky enough to have its original timber windows, then you own a cherished piece of history.
The rich textures and grains of solid wood make wooden windows the first choice for architects, builders and homeowners on projects large and small.

2. Easy to maintain and repair

If you’re replacing the windows in your property, developments in timber window design mean you will benefit from enhanced draught elimination, fewer rattles and improved energy efficiencies. New timber windows should last for over 50 to 100 years and need minimal maintenance other than redecorating roughly once every 8‐10 years, depending on the weather they are exposed to.
Older timber windows can often be restored, saving the cost of replacement. Ventrolla’s industry‐leading sash window repair techniques help to eliminate rattles, draughts, leaks and noise problems, giving your windows a completely new lease of life.

3. Timber has a low carbon footprint

Firstly, wood is a sustainable and renewable source, unlike most other materials used to produce windows such as plastic, steel, or aluminium.
Timber is a natural insulator and because of its carbon storage capacity it is the best material for helping your windows and doors minimise the environmental effect of your property.
It is also worth noting the energy efficiency of a window has more to do with the specification of the glazing than the material the frame is constructed from. Couple wooden window frames with high performance glass to gain the best level of insulation against heat loss. This will help save your pennies too as you reduce energy consumption.

4. Wood can be stained or painted to keep up to date with trends

Even if you don’t need to redecorate your wooden windows but wish to give them an updated look, it’s an easy DIY job. The wood will need a sand down, undercoat and one or two topcoats. Current trends see a lot of grey, green and blue hues – with bold pink popping up for the more adventurous homeowners.

5. Wooden windows can be double‐glazed

Double‐glazed sash windows allow you to keep the traditional charm and beauty of your wooden windows while also benefiting from modern energy performance.
Ventrolla offer two double glazed sash window solutions; replacement slimline timber secondary glazing installed into your existing sash box (window frame) and completely new wooden double glazed windows.
Energy‐efficient, yet packed with traditional charm, Ventrolla’s industry‐leading double glazing for sash windows lets you have it all. The slim glass unit performs just like those found in uPVC windows, yet it retains the original profile and beauty of a timber sash.
If your property is Listed or within a conservation area, you must check with the local planning office as there may be restrictions to the changes you can make to your windows.

6. Wood can last longer than uPVC

It’s a myth that uPVC windows don’t suffer from weather damage. It can degrade with exposure to the sun and particularly with older windows the white colour can begin to turn yellow and brittle. When this happens, the only option is to replace them because it isn’t possible to resolve these issues with uPVC windows. However, wooden windows can be repaired and, when looked after with simple maintenance and repainting, they will certainly outlive any plastic alternatives.

7. Add value to your property

If you live in a period home and are looking to add value to your property, it’s best to steer clear of uPVC as it can have a negative impact on the price.
English Heritage conducted a survey of estate agents and found unsympathetic replacement of windows and doors was the single biggest threat to property values in conservation areas. If your home is a Listed property, then you must replace the windows with timber as conservation agencies work to save our heritage with the natural beauty of wood – and we don’t blame them!


At Ventrolla we have a dedicated workshop where each bespoke wooden window is carefully handmade by our Joinery Team, using traditional methods. We use a special engineered wood called Accoya which is incredibly stable, resists rot and warping. Authenticity is the key to our new joinery, allowing you to retain the character you love whilst delivering the modern glazing standards you need.