Grade II listed York townhouse has sash windows repaired by ventrolla

Key features: Domestic, Grade II Listed, Sash Windows, Renovation, Secondary Glazing, Victorian.

An 1800’s grade II listed townhouse in York receives the full Ventrolla treatment.

Mr Andrews, a resident of the beautiful and historic city of York, asked Ventrolla to give the sash windows in his period town house some much needed attention.

Built c.1840, the Grade II listed property was plagued by the 4 common problems associated with original timber sash windows namely they were rotten, draughty, rattling and hard to operate. The property also fronts on to a busy road which meant that noise reduction was a priority for the owner. The free, no obligation, survey established the extent of the problem and then Ventrolla went to work.

Where the original timber could be saved Ventrolla routed out the rot and spliced in new hardwood contoured to match the existing profile. Split and expanded joints were repaired using conservation methods and rotten sills replaced while still maintaining the integrity of the box. On top of the repair work Ventrolla installed their patented draught-proofing system which becomes an integral part of the window, installed in our unique parting bead between the sashes, in the new staff beads around the window and installed directly into the mid and bottom rail of the sash window to effectively draught-proof the whole sash window perimeter. Designed to keep your home warm and draught-free, the perimeter sealing system also has the benefit of reducing noise ingress.

Many years previously in an effort to combat traffic noise from the road Mr Andrews had secondary glazing installed and although this did indeed reduce the level of noise entering his home the secondary glazing units were unsightly. Ventrolla offered two solutions; either replacing the panels with our modern slim units which are far more discreet or to remove them entirely and rely on the draught-proofing system to eliminate the worst of the noise. Mr Andrews opted for the latter saying:

“We’re very happy with the draught-proofing system and it works better than we thought it would. We were concerned about removing the secondary glazing due to the noise, but there is virtually no difference now the windows are draught-proofed.”

To make future maintenance and cleaning easy, Mr Andrews opted to have the Ventrolla Sash Removal System (SRS) installed. This intelligent clutch system allows the sashes to be removed without damaging the cords or frame and ensures the weights are not lost inside the box.

Ready to last another 170 years, the property now has beautiful, easy to operate sash windows that keep the heat in and the noise out.

Ventrolla offer a bespoke renovation service for timber sliding sash and casement windows as well as timber doors.  The company has its central office in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with additional offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

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