Ms. Martin from Chorley bought her forever cottage and knew straight away that renovating her sash windows would be an integral part of the planned restoration project. 

“I was fortunate that my windows weren’t in a total state of disrepair, but they were inadequate and throughout the house none of them matched. One had a crack and they all had poor quality handles. I initially had most of my windows done back in 2013 but was so happy with the high quality of the work, that I’ve just had Ventrolla back to complete the remaining windows.”

At Ventrolla, we’ve developed a two-part service which starts by repairing existing materials such as rotten wood and then improving the window’s performance by inserting a unique draught-proofing system into the gaps surrounding the sash. The renovation work is completed by servicing the pulleys and adjusting the sash weights. And better still, improved performance is typically gained for a fraction of the cost of fitting replacement windows.

“The windows are a stunning feature of the cottage and the renovation has made them fully functional – and look beautiful aesthetically. Ventrolla did a fantastic job and my windows felt safe in their hands. They really know all about restoring period windows and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Can I renovate my sash windows?

If you have wooden sash or casement windows and would like to find out more about our renovation services speak to a member of our team call 0808 301 9668, and we’ll be happy to help.

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