Inoperable windows transformed with double glazing

An Edinburgh homeowner turns to Ventrolla for a second time to restore the working order of their sash windows.

The Background

The combination of decaying timber frames and ill-fitting sashes made two windows of a period Edinburgh home difficult to open. It’s a common problem with original sash windows which means that you can’t open the windows when you want to let the fresh air in. However, it also causes draughts, making your home cold when you would rather keep the heat in. The windows were simply no longer functional. The homeowners listed the issues as:

“Draughts, rotten timber frames, windows sticking and difficult to open”

The Survey

Ms Anderson and Mr Jennings had used Ventrolla in the past so they contacted us again to arrange a survey and get some advice. We recommend repairing original windows to restore the unique character of a property, whenever possible. However, during the initial survey it became clear that the two windows were beyond repair so the homeowners chose to replace them with slim double glazed timber windows.

The Solution

The slim double glazing units used in a Ventrolla double glazed sash have a reduced sightline of the spacer bar, between the two panes of glass. Because of this we can construct narrower glazing bars to closely replicate original sashes and retain a consistent look throughout the property. Following the installation of the double glazed sashes the homeowner noticed that their home was warmer and quieter.

“We’re very pleased with the results. The installers were prompt, polite, efficient and friendly.
Work was undertaken quickly within the time specified and rooms cleaned up after installation. ”

About Ventrolla

We have over 35 years of experience with listed building timber window renovations and repairs.

All Ventrolla windows are handmade to bespoke specifications at our Harrogate workshop.  Each new window features our own draught proofing system, as well as our unique Sash Removal System, as standard.

Our Sash Removal System enables homeowners to dismantle their windows internally to allow for maintenance in the future. It includes a ‘brake’ that forms the end of the sash cord, preventing it from breaking free or ending up lost in the sash box.

What to do next

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