Secondary Glazing Installed to reduce Draughts at Vicarage

Key features: Domestic, Grade II Listed, Conservation Area, Sash Windows, Sash Removal System (SRS), Secondary Glazing, Renovation, Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS), Victorian

The sodden sash windows at Golcar Vicarage have been urgently replaced by period window specialist Ventrolla.

The property, occupied by the local vicar and his wife, sits within the grounds of the Golcar parish, West Yorkshire. Following an inspection of the late 19th century building the windows were deemed too rotten for repair.

With the Ventrolla craftsmen given the go ahead, the specialists carefully removed, repaired and renovated the windows and sills using traditional methods of carpentry.

Where the windows were beyond repair, Ventrolla worked hard to retain the original features when manufacturing replacement sashes. Each of the windows were installed with the unique Sash Removal System (SRS) for ease of future painting and maintenance.

Finally, with the installation of secondary glazing the vicarage’s windows will now provide protection against dreadful draughts and noise intrusion. Kevin Smith, Property Manager for the Diocese of Wakefield, said:

With the windows virtually falling out, and advice from the council that like for like windows would be required, we decided to go with Ventrolla.

“The service provided by Ventrolla was excellent, restoring the vicarage to its former glory and finishing the project earlier than expected.

With over 30 years experience, Ventrolla offers a tailored range of period window solutions. Their unique service includes draught-proofing with the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) and fitting replacement double-glazed sashes that incorporate the Sash Removal System (SRS) for easy painting and future maintenance.  The central office is located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with additional offices located throughout the UK and Ireland.

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