Apartment owned by Diana, Princess of Wales renovated by Ventrolla

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Window specialist, Ventrolla, has recently commenced work on the historic Coleherne Court in earls court, south west London, which was once home to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Ventrolla was appointed the project by Coleherne Court Maintenance Fund following a recommendation and, to date, around 20 apartments have had their wooden sash windows and French doors restored by the company.

The 213 luxury apartments at Coleherne Court span three blocks and are set in an acre of landscaped gardens.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was given a luxury flat in Block H of the impressive residence as a coming-of-age present from her parents back in 1979 and lived there for around two years. Wayne Bass, Building Manager for Coleherne Court Maintenance Fund, said:

Our priority in all we do is maintaining the original features of the buildings. Ventrolla gave us the perfect solution when it came to updating our windows and we have noticed a definite reduction in noise and draughts. We have been delighted with the work carried out by Ventrolla South East and received fantastic feedback from the residents. We will continue to work with them as we gradually renovate all of the remaining windows and doors.

Sales Director of Ventrolla South East, Jim Neale, said: “Significant variations in heating costs have already been reported by residents in adjacent flats where one has been treated by Ventrolla and the other hasn’t. Traditional sash windows require a minimum 3mm gap around the sashes, which can cause draughts, dust ingress, rattling and increased noise levels from outside. Installing our patented Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System eradicates these problems and the sliding action of the windows becomes incredibly smooth.”

Ventrolla offers a bespoke renovation service for timber sliding sash and casement windows as well as timber doors. Its unique Perimeter Sealing System significantly improves the window’s performance and energy efficiency.

The company’s central office is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, with regional Ventrolla offices located throughout the UK and Ireland.

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