Window Films

Change the way 

Protect your furniture, fixtures and fittings from the effects of UV radiation.

A room drenched in golden sunlight is a joy to behold, yet it is the slow damage caused that we don’t notice until too late. Our UV window film blocks the amount of Ultra Violet light entering through the glazing by 99.5%. This will dramatically reduce the rate at which fading occurs and has been used by museums and art galleries for many years.

Enjoy a comfortable home with our Solar Control Window Film

No one wants to draw curtains and blinds to keep rooms a little cooler and more tolerable, which is why the solar control window film can be so useful.

It stops you having to block out the sun and yet helps reduce the amount of heat build-up and keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Glass Safety Film

The construction of your windows is no doubt decades old now, so it is more than likely that their safety credentials won’t be the best. Our 100 micron clear safety film will help to make existing glass safer and bring it up to BS class 2 compliant with regulation 14 legislation. Ensuring taps, knocks and the odd bump won’t cause concern.

Keep out prying eyes with our Privacy Window Films

When the windows you wish were frosted are clear, think about our Privacy Window Film. It allows you to build up an opaque layer reminiscent of etched glass, that obscures the view from outside while still letting light in. Ideal for bathrooms, children’s play areas or street facing lounges.

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