Sash Removal System

Easily Remove and Clean Sash Windows
Sash Window Removal System by Ventrolla. Easily remove your windows for cleaning and maintenance.
Break Systems Stops Cords Being Lost In Box Frame
Sash Window Removal System by Ventrolla. Easily remove your windows for cleaning and maintenance.
No tools required

SASH REMOVAL SYSTEM - as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Like everything in life, technology and functionality move on to find easier ways for everyday objects to work more smoothly, and we have used this ethos to refine the classic sash window.

Our Sash Removal System (SRS) ensures that cleaning, painting and maintenance can be done with minimal effort and a knowing smile
on your face.


The clever part is the discreet system fixed and hidden in the side of the sash, which enables easy and safe removal of both the upper and lower sashes internally, giving free access to the sash window box/frame. It secures the sash cord in place so it won't break and get lost in the sash box.


SRS for sash windows consists of three components that all meet the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM Regulations): Sash Cord Housing, Sash Cord Brake, Sash Cord Holder.


From terrace house to manor house, restoration to full replacements, one window or a thousand … we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

To help us move on with your enquiry quickly & thoroughly please answer the following questions:

Sash Cord Housing

This element is put in place by routing out the inner edges of each sash, facilitating the Sash Cord Housing, which is then screwed into place.

Sash Cord Threading

The new sash cord is then threaded through the Sash Cord Brake and through the Sash Cord Holder, looped and secured with a screw.

A Unique 3 step System

SRS enables you, or your painter, to gain access to the whole window by easily taking it apart, internally - helpful for future maintenance and painting.

Prepare the window

Remove the staff beads that 'frame' your window internally - these will have been fitted using Ventrolla’s popper system or screw and cap, which facilitate easy removal and reinstatement. You may need a chisel to remove some of the corking around the frame.

Step One

Pull the bottom sash towards you to expose the SRS. Release and slide the sash cord brakes up to the pulley to prevent weights falling and damaging the cord. Do this on each side of the sash.

Step Two

Pull the sash cord holder down and out from the cord housing which will release the sash and can be removed ready for painting.

Step Three

Pull down the top sash inwards and unhook the sash cord holders on the top sash. Remove the weatherfin pile carriers before painting.

Gain Full Access to your window

Remove the lower Parting Bead sections, that sit between your sashes, freeing the top sash to work on. Follow the same process for the top sash.

Reinstating Your Window

To reinstate the window simply reverse the four-step process.

Sash Window Removal System by Ventrolla. Easily remove your windows for cleaning and maintenance.

A simple 4 step process

If you are considering installing the SRS system in your sash windows, call us today on 0800 387 278 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.