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    Window Film

    Window Film

    Ventrolla are pleased to announce a selection of high performance window films that will enhance the glazing throughout your home. All films are fitted internally and have a scratch resistant coating.

    Protect your furniture, fixtures and fittings from the effects of UV radiation.

    You've spent a lot of time and money choosing your furniture, flooring and décor. Now you can help protect your investment from the effects of direct sunlight and UV radiation. Our UV window film blocks the amount of Ultra violet light entering through the glazing by 99.5%.This will dramatically reduce the rate at which fading will occur and has been used by museums and art galleries for many years. The film will not alter the appearance of you glazing or restrict your vision


    Enjoy a comfortable home with our Solar Control Window Film

    Our solar control window film has been specifically designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your home or conservatory without drastically reducing the visible light. The heat generated by the sun can steadily build through the day resulting in rooms becoming uncomfortable. Application of our window film reduces the amount of heat build-up and helps to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature.


    Glass Safety Film

    Most newer doors and low level glazing are now supplied with safety glass as standard, however many older examples have glass that is not up to modern standards Our 100 micron clear safety film will help to make existing glass safer and bring it up to BS class 2 compliant with regulation 14 legislation.


    Keep out prying eyes with our Privacy Window Films

    Whether in the bathroom, children’s play area or street facing lounge we all need our privacy. Sand blasted or acid etched glass is one way to achieve this but can be an expensive option. As an alternative we offer our Privacy Window Film which can be fitted to your existing glazing to give the same visual effect but at a much more affordable price.