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    Sash Window Removal System

    Sash Window Removal System

    For ease of future cleaning, painting and maintenance we have developed the unique Ventrolla Sash Removal System.

    For ease of future cleaning, painting and maintenance we have developed the unique Ventrolla Sash Removal System (SRS) for sash windows, recently championed by property guru Sarah Beeny and installed into her own property, Rise Hall, the focus of her recent television programme Beeny's Restoration Nightmare on Channel Four.

    SRS incorporates a system fixed and hidden in the side of the sash, which enables easy and safe removal of both the upper and lower sashes, giving free access to the sash window box/frame.
    It also meets the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM Regulations) with regard to the provision for ease of maintenance requirements.

    The system is mounted discretely into the wooden sashes and is not visible either internally or externally during the normal operation of the sash window, therefore not altering the appearance or character of the sash window.


    SRS for sash windows consists of three components:

    • Sash Cord Housing
    • Sash Cord Brake
    • Sash Cord Holder

    Firstly, the inner edges of the sashes are routed out to facilitate the Sash Cord Housing which is screwed into place.
    The sash cord is then threaded through the Sash Cord Brake and through the Sash Cord Holder, looped and secured with a screw.


    Removal of sashes is now a simple four step process:

    1. Remove the staff beads that have been fitted using Ventrolla’s popper system or screw and cap, which facilitate easy removal and reinstatement
    2. Pull the sash forward to expose the SRS and slide the sash cord brakes up to the pulley to prevent weights falling and damaging the cord
    3. Remove the Sash Cord Holders from the Housings – freeing the bottom sash to work on
    4. Remove the lower Parting Bead sections, freeing the top sash to work on.

    To reinstate the window simply reverse the four step process. For more detailed information on how to remove the Sash Removal System, see our Painting Instructions.

    Note: With sashes removed, care must be taken to ensure the area is safe and secured. SRS has been independently tested and is suitable for sashes weighing up to 80 lbs (36kg).