Internal timber bay window repaired by Ventrolla
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Timber Bay Window Repairs By The Experts

An original timber bay window is a sought out feature by many homeowners. It adds both volume and light to a room and gives so many options when it comes to extra seating, reading nooks and other unique touches. But, if not properly maintained, rot can set in making what was once a beautiful feature into a horrible, flaky, eyesore that does nothing but reduces the value of your home. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping homeowners restore the beautiful period charm of their timber windows. Our industry-leading timber window repair techniques help to eliminate rot, rattles, draughts, leaks and noise problems, giving your windows a completely new lease of life.

"We had one sash bay window repaired over two days by Ventrolla Rugby. Few weeks wait for the work to go ahead, but when it did: Brilliant. The new window works well and the room is now warm, dry and so much quieter. Joiners were friendly, professional and considerate. No mess afterwards and they made the room usable overnight between the two days work, which was important to us to keep our little ones safe. Finally, but crucially, we were given practical advice and demonstration of working for maintenance. All in all brilliant, professional, thorough job – would definitely recommend."


Our trusted craftsmen sympathetically handle all aspects of sash window renovation, ensuring your windows are as quiet, draught-proof and warm as many of their modern counterparts.


Take the pain out of window maintenance with the Ventrolla Sash Removal System. The ideal solution for the ongoing painting, cleaning and maintenance of your sash windows.


We'll upgrade your windows with the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System - virtually eliminating draughts, rattles and leaks by closing the 3mm gap around each sash.

Benefits of repairing your bay windows

Wooden Bay Windows Repaired by Ventrolla
Internal timber bay window repaired by Ventrolla
Timber Bay Windows Repaired by Ventrolla
Wooden Bay Windows Repaired by Ventrolla
Timber Bay Window Repairs
Timber Bay Window Repairs
Renovated Timber Bay Window