My Sash Windows Are Beyond Repair – Can You Help?

Ventrolla Before & After Sash Window

My windows are beyond repair. Can you help? Replacement timber windows, by Ventrolla Ventrolla can replicate your existing sash windows, when beyond repair We’re very proud of the work we complete for our customers ­and love to show off some of these amazing projects on social media. But what you might not have realised is […]

Chorlton House | The Stress Of Renovation, By Karen Jones Russell

Chorlton House Sash Windows 2

Chorlton House | The Stress Of Renovation By Karen Jones Russell Karen Jones Russell – Renovation Expert, Creative Director, Stylist and owner of Chorlton House, a location House for film and photography As we venture around the country, replacing and renovating beautiful, period sash windows, we often come across the most inspiring renovation stories. One […]

Football’s Coming Home!

Football’s Coming Home! POST UPDATE || Well done England, you made us so proud even though the result wasn’t quite what we wanted! Thank you to everyone who liked, commented and shared our video on social media – we had over 200 likes and shares, and the video has been viewed on YouTube over 300 […]

Five Ways To Improve The View From Your Garden

Five Ways To Improve The View

5 Ways To Improve The View From Your Garden Improve the view from your garden, like this stunning property, with our helpful tips With the pandemic having restricted many gatherings to the garden in recent months, plenty of us have invested time and money in getting our outdoor spaces up to scratch. In fact, sales […]

Are Your Timber Windows Hiding Something From You?

Torrdarach House

Are Your timber windows hiding something from you? If you can hear annoying rattles, feel a cold draught or find that the interior walls around your windows are becoming damp, it could be that although your timber windows look fantastic, that they’re hiding problems from you. Fact is, that many common issues suffered by original […]

Is poor ventilation damaging your home?

Is poor ventilation damaging your home?

Over winter, you may not have given much thought to letting fresh air into your home. It’s more likely you’ve been preoccupied with keeping the cold out and staying warm – especially if your property has old timber windows (where draughts can be an issue you face on a regular basis). But making sure you […]