Casement Window Restoration – How Does It Work?

Casement Windows

Casement windows are beautiful and practical. In design, they even pre-date sash windows, having first appeared in the UK in the 18th century. The problem with casement windows (especially in a period home) is often they can be old, and if not properly looked after, they may be draughty or the wood may have started […]

Why Should I Invest In Timber Windows?

Chorley Window Repair 7

If you’re looking to replace timber windows, which have gone past the point of restoration, you may be asking yourself whether you should opt for timber or uPVC. While on paper uPVC windows may be cheaper, this is very much a short term benefit. Let’s take a look at the reasons why timber ticks all […]

Securing Your Timber Windows

Sash Style Window

Windows are typically considered the weak point in a building’s security. And original sash and casement windows, with their thin glazing (around 2 – 4mm thick) can be a worry to home owners. But if your home still has windows dating from Victorian times, there are ways of bolstering their security, to give you additional […]

The Condensation Problem

sash and case windows

Condensation – a word that can fill home owners with dread. It’s bad for your health and damaging to your property. And if you have timber sash or casement windows, it can have a particularly detrimental effect on their lifespan. If you ask most people, they’ll say that single glazing is the root cause of […]

Can I Make My Listed Property More Energy Efficient?

Torrdarach House

There are currently around 560,000 listed buildings in the UK, which cannot be demolished or altered without special permission. Original features, like timber sash and casement windows, are often a key part of the architectural importance of such buildings. But they can also make listed properties cold and uncomfortable places to live. Before we look […]

The Evolution of Glass


Whatever era your sash or casement windows originate from, you may have wondered why the number of panes of glass differ depending on the period. Tastes in fashion do contribute to some design features – for example, the design of ironmongery became fancier in Victorian times. But this is not generally the case when it […]