I Need A New Sash Window, But Want It To Look Like My Old One

Ventrolla Before & After Sash Window

“I need a new sash window, but want it to look like my old one” A new sash window being handcrafted by Ventrolla If you’ve been told that your timber sash or casement windows are beyond repair – and you’ll need new ones – you may be worrying about how to get replacements made, that […]

Double Or Secondary Glazing – Which One Is Right For My Home?

Double Glazing by Ventrolla

DOUBLE OR SECONDARY GLAZING? WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR MY HOME? Are draughty sash windows making your home cold? Or is outside noise bothering you? Do you worry that your windows compromise the security of your property? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, upgrading the glazing in your timber windows could be […]

Are You Making An Escape To The Country?

Timber sash windows handcrafted by Ventrolla

ARE YOU MAKING AN ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY? The landscape has changed beyond recognition for many over the past year, thanks to the pandemic. And quite literally for those who have realised that remote working frees them from being tied to living within reach of the bright lights and bustle of the city to do […]

Period Homes: 5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Summer


Winter can take its toll on the condition of your home’s exterior – long periods of wet weather, sub-zero temperatures and wind can all play a part. So, now spring is here, it’s well worth spending a little time checking that there’s no damage that needs repairing. Investing time now can save you money in […]

Securing Your Timber Windows

Sash Style Window

Windows are typically considered the weak point in a building’s security. And original sash and casement windows, with their thin glazing (around 2 – 4mm thick) can be a worry to home owners. But if your home still has windows dating from Victorian times, there are ways of bolstering their security, to give you additional […]

5 Signs Your Sash Windows Are In Need Of Repair

5 Signs Your Sash Windows Are In Need Of Repair When looking for a period property as a home, sash windows are often one of the features high up on a property hunter’s wish list. Sash window maintenance, therefore, becomes part of owning a period property, and maintaining these original features preserves their charm and […]