Are Your Timber Windows Hiding Something From You?

Are Your Timber Windows Hiding Something From You?

If you can hear annoying rattles, feel a cold draught or find that the interior walls around your windows are becoming damp, it could be that although your timber windows look fantastic, that they’re hiding problems from you. Fact is, that many common issues suffered by original timber sash and casement windows are invisible – even if your rising fuel bill or peeling wallpaper aren’t.

Keeping on top of painting the wooden frames can help to keep your period wooden windows looking their best. But the vintage of sash windows means that over the years, natural aging and everyday wear and tear can take their toll – and many problems that arise are beneath the surface. So, how do you know what needs attention?

Calling on the services of a sash and casement window restoration expert is the easiest way to find out what needs to be done. A company like Ventrolla will offer you an initial free survey, and following this, they will arrange to remove your sash units from the frame to assess the level of damage. Of course, it’s also possible that you can see damage and have perceived it as catastrophic – whereas it’s simply superficial. An expert survey can put your mind at rest.

My Sash is Stuck

It’s often the case that windows have often been painted over so many times, that they become stuck shut. Ventrolla can remedy this along with replacing any broken panes of glass. The mechanics of the window are then given a complete overhaul by replacing the sash cords, servicing the pulleys and balancing the sashes; all of which ensures smooth operation.

My Sash Windows are Draughty

When they’ve taken care of any restoration work that’s required, Ventrolla has perfected a solution. Our unique draught-proofing system can banish issues forever. It seals the gap that surrounds the sashes in order to eliminate draughts and rattles and also greatly enhances energy retention, in turn, helping to reduce fuel bills.

My Casement Windows Rattle

Rotten wood can make your windows unstable, which can cause them to rattle. If Ventrolla find decaying timber, they can route it out to expose the sound material underneath. Damaged wood can be replaced by splicing in new timber to match the original as closely as possible – and any cavities can simply be filled with specialist epoxy resin.

Isn’t it Easier to Get Rid of Timber Windows?

The simple answer is no! Preserving the heritage of a home with sympathetic repairs is far preferable to ripping windows out, or – worse still – swapping them for a uPVC alternative. As Historic England explain, The loss of traditional windows from our older buildings poses one of the major threats to our heritage.

At Ventrolla, we see our role very much as protectors of period detail. It’s highly likely that one of the reasons you fell in love with your home was its windows, so we’re here to help you keep them. If we find that your windows really are beyond repair, we can craft a replacement that accurately mirrors your other windows, so the new one is completely in keeping with your home. But it’s likely that problems with your windows would have been far from invisible if they’ve reached that point.

If you think that your timber windows are hiding problems from you, you can arrange for a survey to see what action can be taken by calling 0808 253 6793 or make an enquiry today.