Be A Custodian Of Your Home’s Heritage

Be A Custodian Of Your Original Sash Windows

BE A CUSTODIAN OF YOUR HOME’S HERITAGE Original sash windows and casement windows in period properties have great significance. They’re not only an integral part of the building’s architecture but their design, materials and methods of manufacture also contribute greatly to a home’s historical and financial worth. They are, however, often altered or replaced over […]

Double Or Secondary Glazing – Which One Is Right For My Home?

Double Glazing by Ventrolla

DOUBLE OR SECONDARY GLAZING? WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR MY HOME? Are draughty sash windows making your home cold? Or is outside noise bothering you? Do you worry that your windows compromise the security of your property? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, upgrading the glazing in your timber windows could be […]

Modern Glazing in a Listed Building – What are the Rules?


Modern glazing in a listed building – what are the rules? Listed buildings have a history that is important to preserve. Organisations like Historic England try to preserve the look of historic buildings for future generations. They do this by imposing rules on listed buildings to prevent development that would be unsympathetic to the historical […]

Are You Making An Escape To The Country?

Timber sash windows handcrafted by Ventrolla

ARE YOU MAKING AN ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY? The landscape has changed beyond recognition for many over the past year, thanks to the pandemic. And quite literally for those who have realised that remote working frees them from being tied to living within reach of the bright lights and bustle of the city to do […]

What is Window Energy Efficiency, and Why is it Important?

Sash Window Double Glazing

What is window energy efficiency, and why is it important? ‘Energy efficiency’ is often talked about these days. It’s a buzzword at the moment because of rising fuel costs and an increasing awareness of climate change. But what does it mean? Energy efficiency refers to our gas and electricity bills and is the opposite of […]

Spring Cleaning Your Home – Let the Light Flood in


Spring has sprung! Fruit trees blossom, bees and butterflies return and that great ball of heat and happiness, the Sun, has returned to our skies. It certainly lifts our spirits, but the sun streaming through your window may well shine light (literally!) on the jobs that need doing at home. Spring is a traditional time […]