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    Discreet Secondary Glazing

    Discreet Secondary Glazing

    Our secondary glazing is the perfect solution for reducing noise pollution into your home.

    Although secondary glazing has many benefits, its main use is for noise control in extreme environments, for example, near busy roads or airports.

    The key to selecting secondary glazing is to choose a product that suits the property owner’s need but has the lowest visual impact when installed into a traditional timber window. There are four main types of secondary glazing:

    • Lift out units: These units are used where the primary window is fixed or where a customer seldom requires access to open the window for ventilation.
    • Hinged Units: These units are generally used with casement/hinged primary windows.
    • Vertical Sliders: These units are normally used on vertical sliding sashes with the meeting rails aligning with the primary window meeting rail.
    • Horizontal Sliders: Normally used in conjunction with either sash or casement windows where full access is required and where there is sufficient space internally to open the casement secondary glazing.

    To achieve a higher acoustic performance a minimum gap of 100mm should be achieved between the primary window glazing and the secondary glazing. The optimum desirable gap is 150mm. The installation method will depend upon the depth of the primary window reveal. If the reveal is insufficient to achieve the minimum 100mm gap then the window will require boxing out to the required depth. Our Surveyors will advise on this and any other issues at the time of survey.

    NB: The product shown here in the below video is not a standard product. This product is a larger, thicker unit that is only normally used on commercial projects because of the size of the windows and security concerns. The ‘support arms’ for the tilting function on the bottom of the slider is therefore not a standard product and, if required, would need to be specified at order stage. Speak to your Surveyor if you have any questions relating to this product.