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    Take action against noise with Ventrolla

    Take action against noise with Ventrolla

    Hear! Hear! It’s Noise Action Week across the UK and Ventrolla is here to (quietly) sing its praises.

    Hear! Hear! It’s Noise Action Week across the UK and Ventrolla is here to (quietly) sing its praises.

    Noise Action Week is aimed to raise awareness of the negative impact that excessive noise can have on individuals and communities, and so it seems the perfect time to mention how Ventrolla’s services can reduce the external noises that may impinge on the peace and privacy of a period home.

    If you’re fed up of those noisy neighbours, the hum of traffic, the screeches and scurries of boisterous wildlife, the howling winds or the rattles ringing from your sash windows, listen to this... The services that Ventrolla provide could improve the soundproofing of your windows.

    Should you have gaps causing rattles and draughts around your existing sash windows, our unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) can be installed to provide a weather seal. As well as eliminating draughts and rattles it also, as an added benefit, reduces environmental noise.

    To explain - sliding sash windows normally require at least a 3mm gap around the sashes in order to slide past each other properly. In an average sized window of 1.2m x 1.8m, the aggregate gap area would be 15cm x 15cm, amounting to 1% of the total area of the window. The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) eliminates this air gap and, under live tests, achieved a noise reduction in the 6 - 10dB range, which in acoustic terms is deemed ‘significant’.

    However, whilst VPSS can provide a positive impact on noise reduction, this should be viewed as an added benefit rather than as a solution to external noise. For such problems, double glazing or secondary glazing should be considered, which you’ll be pleased to know Ventrolla can also help with.

    By replacing existing sashes with slim double glazing fitted into an existing box frame, further soundproofing can be achieved. Secondary glazing can also be installed to sit in front of your primary window internally, which achieves the best sound barrier.

    Recent Ventrolla customers have also commented on the sound reduction benefits of their renovated windows. ,Mr Pearson of Chapel House in Ormskirk, Lancashire, said: “The timber itself was generally in pretty good condition, but we couldn’t open many of the sash windows because they had been painted shut. Ventrolla was able to free up the mechanisms and then draught proof the sash windows effectively in order to reduce the amount of external noise. The house is near a main road and since the repairs we hardly notice any traffic noise at all.”

    These sentiments were also echoed by Wayne Bass, Building Manager for Coleherne Court Maintenance Fund in South West London: “Our priority in all we do is maintaining the original features of the buildings. Ventrolla gave us the perfect solution when it came to updating our sash windows and we have noticed a definite reduction in noise and draughts.”

    The action against noise begins at home. If your sash windows are keeping you up at night don’t just lie in bed and grumble. Take action against noise and make use of Ventrolla’s free, no obligation survey and quotation- it could be your solution to a quieter life.