Casement Windows

Casement Window Repair by Ventrolla London


Casement windows are also known as a side hung windows or as some of our customers refer to it “the one that opens like a door”.  If your timber windows are rotten, draughty or unsightly, our repair and restoration service is tailored for you. With over 35 years experience repairing, replacing and draught-proofing timber windows you can trust Ventrolla.

Why Choose Ventrolla for your Window Repair?

Our customers love us and we’re committed to giving you outstanding service. Our expert installation teams take pride in their work and are a friendly bunch!

"Excellent work and it really has done the trick. No more rattles, stiff-to-open windows and above all, no more draughts."

The Benefits of a Ventrolla Casement Window Repair

Dating back even further than the sash window to around the 16th century, the less complex casement window replaced simple unglazed openings. Manufacturing glass in large panes was still difficult and so it was common for many smaller pieces to be joined together with lead in attractive patterns. 

There is true beauty in the strong clean lines of these windows, as well as the impactful look they give a building but if that breeze is a draught when the windows are closed, or the wooden frames are creaky and rotten when forced open Ventrolla can re-imagine them as modern windows with a real 16th century feel.

  • Eliminate Draughts And Rattles
  • More Energy Efficient Windows
  • Add Value To Your Property
  • Reduce Outside Noise
  • Ensure Smoother Operation
Harrogate Casement Window Repair
Ventrolla Joinery Workshop - Bespoke timber Windows
Casement Window Renovation by Ventrolla
Casement Windows
Casement Windows
casement window repair
Casement Window Renovation by Ventrolla
Ventrolla Joinery Workshop - New Timber Sash & casement Windows
Casement Windows - Repaired by Ventrolla

A casement window’s performance is upgraded using the same principles used on sliding sash windows.

Casement windows have the same inherent 3mm gap that sliding sash windows require to operate smoothly and can therefore suffer similar draught problems, unless they have a high-grade sealing system installed.

Ventrolla’s two part process begins with the treatment and renovation of the window. The second part involves performance upgrading it by draught proofing the window using our unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System. Using the same materials we use on sliding sash windows ensures the same high quality performance.

The system is installed into either the frame of the window or the sash itself depending upon the construction of the window. If appropriate, the system can be installed into staff bead around the frame.

The pile carrier is routed into the timber giving a permanent fixing point and making the system an integral part of the window. Our system can also be installed into sash windows and other timber windows and doors.

Whether your project has sash or casement windows, Ventrolla’s system can improve the Window’s Energy Rating (WER) whilst retaining its original character.

Renovate Old Timber

Just like sash windows, the first part of casement repairs focus on renovating or replacing any rotten timbers in the casement sash or frame.

Renovate or Replace

If required, a new moving sash can be made to replace the existing sash in your casement window and simply replace the old one. This can be single or double-glazed, dependent on choice and budget.

Draught proofing system

Next we focus on performance upgrading the window by installing a draught proofing system, our unique Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System.


The Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) is installed into the frame of the casement window, depending upon its construction, or, if appropriate, installed into staff bead around the frame.

Permanent fixing point

The draught proof pile carrier is routed into the timber of your window giving a permanent fixing point and making the system an integral part of the window.


Finally, we check your window is opening and closing properly, and replace or install any new hardware, if required.

Casement Windows


By really caring for the original materials and using thorough renovation techniques Ventrolla can add value to your home, eliminate draughts and rattles, lower your energy bills, reduce outside noise and provide easier to use windows. Visit our ‘contact us’ now page and let us help make your windows exceptional

Window Restoration Case Studies

Double Glazing in Georgian House

Mrs Shepherd had recently bought a large Georgian house which needed all of its windows replacing, so upon recommendation she called in the period window specialists, Ventrolla.

19th Century Windows Restored

The wooden front bay window on the property, which is owned by Michelle Wolfe, was carefully renovated and draught proofed as part of the project.

Grade II Listed Windows Repaired

Draughts are no longer a problem for homeowners Mr and Mrs Gore now that ventrolla have tackled the cold breezes that swept through their Georgian property