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What on earth is that?!

Wasp SpiderCan you think of anything you’d want less in your house than something that looks like this? It is aptly called a Wasp Spider and is currently moving through northern Europe giving the hibijibis to everyone who sees it. I think I’d rather be in the sea with a Tiger Shark, another portmanteau of the animal world.

Well luckily their migration has been halted by the ongoing cold weather the UK has been recently suffering. This is a rare positive point to the winter months when Christmas is a distant memory, the novelty of the snow has worn off and you’ve seen your first quarter energy bill we all start to long for BBQ’s in the garden and blue skies.

When it comes to keeping the cold and the wind out we know that a 150 year old timber sash window in a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property may not perform as well as a modern, but charmless plastic window and that the temptation to replace them can be strong.

As the UK’s leading Timber Window Renovation Specialist we know how much character a beautiful period timber window adds to a property and always champion their renovation and restoration over replacement with uPVC plastic imitations.

So we have developed a unique system called the Ventrolla Perimeter Sealing System (VPSS) which allows you to preserve the heritage of your windows while benefiting from same draught free, rattle free energy efficiency of a modern window.

To find out more about Ventrolla’s renovation and draught proofing service visit www.ventrolla.co.uk or call 0800 0277 454.

So here’s hoping that next year the jet stream behaves itself and I’m not using my Tesco club card to scrape ice off my car in April.